ChampaTea: Inner-Outer Restoration

by Pablo Friedländer in Argentina

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Ecological restoration of mountain springs by producing wild harvested tea. Regeneration from the inside out.

by Pablo Friedländer in Argentina


After 16 years dedicated to conserving and restoring Mt. Champaqui, the highest mountain in Central Argentina; our founder Pablo Friedlander and his international team launched ChampaTea - a blend of herbs that grow wild on the west foothills of this mountain. ChampaTea fuses local ancient ethnobotanical knowledge and sustainable harvesting techniques with advanced methods of landscape regeneration; giving you the health and wellbeing properties of this delicious herbal tea while protecting and expanding an ecological reserve. We are creating a model of a truly sustainable business to make a difference in these urgent times.

Whatever mountain you have to climb, let ChampaTea help fuel your flow and reach your peak. By the virtues of our wild herbs you will be powerful and focused, energised and calm, restoring balance inside and out. Your purchase enables us to replant native forests, rewild ecosystems and educate local communities. What will you do?

You asked and we listened: With your support we want to redefine ChampaTea as an easy-to-make and everyday tea for everyone to enjoy. Over this next year we aim to re-engage our kind community through the launch of a number of new products in line with our principles, including a new flavour: ChampaTea - Extra Strength, the traditional blend with more mate for an extra energetic kick. We would like to also create ChampaTea in tea bags! New products and the help of everyone involved will help us to continue the restoration work and provide you with some of the “tastiest tea on the planet“ - as some of our friends and tea masters have said.

We also have plans for an iced ChampaTea in a bottle and can; to be enjoyed as an energetic and healthy refreshment for warm days. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Over the next few years our company will make more products that are in balance with nature, enabling people to contribute to a better world, instead of destroying it. While the Amazon rainforest has endured unprecedented fires recently, it is becoming clear that efforts like ours are vital.

Climb your mountain. Feed your mountain. Be the mountain.

The wild herbs blended to make ChampaTea's sublime formula carry with them ancient medicinal properties passed down by our local elders. These herbs are:

Yerba Mate - Ilex paraguariensis  - Stamina, power & resilience. Super-antioxidant, it also helps with weight loss and increases energy and focus, with an earthly taste.

Muña Muña - Satureja parvifolia - High focus, balance & concentration, immune system enhancer and aphrodisiac. Sweet freshness.

Marcela - Achyrocline satureioides  - Relaxant, digestive and anti-inflammatory , anti-stress and promoting calmness. Delicious flowers.

Peperina - Minthostachys mollis - Anti viral, soothes digestion and helps blood circulation. Famous minty panacea of the Córdoba mountains.  

Contra Yerba - Trixis divaricata - Anti anxiety, immune system booster, used as an antidote to poisons, being an antibacterial that helps to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation as well as detoxifying. Legendary for good luck and purification.

Tomillo  - Hedeoma Multiflorum - analgesic, stimulant, aphrodisiac. It balances blood pressure and has antibacterial properties. Used as an aphrodisiac because its energizing & digestive effects. The freshest taste in the Valley.

Carqueja - Baccharis crispa - Liver cleanser, detoxifier, energizing. The known detoxifying properties of its bitterness has liver cleansing & energizing virtues. Traditionally used as a hangover remedy.

Doradilla - Anemia tomentosa - Improves breathing and boosts the immune system. Fern used as general tonic to treat coughs, helps to clear the lungs. Its unique taste is the delight of tea masters.

We are also creating the first comprehensive scientific studies of these ancient herbal medicines and their traditional uses. This crowdfund will enable us to pioneer registering the traditional food uses of our herbs. Worldwide research like this enables the protection and preservation of species of plants and trees that have been used as ancient medicines.

Thanks to your support from the successful crowdfunding campaign that kickstarted ChampaTea 18 months ago; our on-the-ground team of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities has been able to keep replenishing Mt. Champaqui’s Ecological Reserve. So far we have planted almost 20,000 native Polylepis/Tabaquillo trees from our humble beginnings and now we wish to grow exponentially.

Our intention over the next years is to collaborate with the millions of trees to be planted across all of South America with the Andes Action Initiative for Polylepis forests. In the next few months we will  plant 10,000 Tabaquillos/Polylepis australis trees, while also harvesting approx 1000kg of our herbs at the buffer zones of the reserve. Please make a donation and help us get there!


After centuries of uncontrolled cattle farming, deforestation and forest fires have destroyed vast areas of Tabaquillos/Polylepis forests severely damaging all local ecosystems. We work to return this natural landscape back to a thriving natural wilderness, not only to safeguard such precious biodiversity but to also ensure that our herbs continue to grow in such abundance.

This is why our company’s charitable foundation was started in 2012 to reverse the destruction of mountain landscapes like this one; with the Treeangle foundation’s 4 R’s:

Reserves: Creating nature reserves on emblematic mountains of Argentina, Brazil and Catalonia.

Restoration: Restoring indigenous forests while conserving its diverse ecosystems.

Research: Measuring and monitoring the impact to become a replicable model.

Re-engagement: Engaging local communities with continuous education on environmental care and sustainability.

We support our local economy and we are extremely grateful for the help of the communities around Mt. Champaqui; they complete the passionate team of volunteers helping us achieve our goals. As our tree-planting, tea-drinking community grows; so do the natural forests.

  • We successfully launched ChampaTea this past year at the Fes-Tea-val in London, the Amorevore Food Festival in Ibiza & the 1st Re-Generation Festival, Spain. 

Join us on our adventure!

We want to invite some of you for a full package adventure trip to Mt Champaqui in Argentina (approx 3 hours drive from Córdoba Airport) with the VIP family and individual pledges during 2020. For those who want to help us in the reforestation campaign in February; the participants of the International Volunteers pledge; will have preparation and training days at Villa de Las Rosas ahead of a hands-on ecological restoration experience and hiking up Champaqui mountain to restore ancient cloud forests. This is a beautiful part of the world and we encourage you to join us for this trip of a lifetime to create a positive impact.

More info on the project:

  • Reserves - We have expanded our flagship "Milking the Clouds" reforestation project on Mt Champaqui. 

Increasing the regeneration areas of the ecological reserve and the replanting of native trees, such as the Tabaquillo/Polylepis and other native trees, is leading to the replenishment of local water cycles which has helped to sustain the health of the mountain, its wildlife, habitats and people. 

  • Restoration - To date we have planted almost 20,000 native Polylepis/Tabaquillo trees and our mission now is to plant a further 10,000 from December 

ChampaTea’s reforestation team have germinated and transplanted Tabaquillo tree seedlings from locally harvested seeds to be planted high up in the Ecological reserve on Mt Champaqui. We are working with the Andean Action Initiative to exponentially increase our reforestation efforts.

  • Research - We are working with biologists and networks for Ecological Restoration and universities to monitor, study and document the health of the mountains ecosystem through the careful analysis of vegetation, soils, wildlife, visitors impact and water cycles etc. 

Detailing how efforts like ours can fully regenerate natural environments back to optimum health are encouraging similar projects in other countries and continents. We are working nationally and internationally to interconnect and support all projects similar to ours. 

  • Re-Engagement - In our environmental Education programs: we have hosted over 50 workshops and 5 field trips for 9 local schools over the last 12 months. 

Organising educational trans-disciplinary activities for the schools of the Traslasierra Valley and re-engaging local communities has been key to our mission. Our aim is to teach the importance of preserving and restoring native ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife habitats, encouraging and educating the young to protect the environment for future generations.

Other areas we have progressed in:

  • The building of new greenhouses to cultivate even more native tree seedlings by using more sustainable and reliable production techniques.

We hope to be at a scale where 100,000’s of tree seedlings are sustainably produced and replanted by our reforestation team each year. Modern techniques of seed germination in greenhouses allow the highest chance of survival for each of tiny Polylepis/Tabaquillo tree seedlings during the year before they are planted up on the mountain reserve. 

  • Mountain rangers assist land owners and authorities on monitoring the hydrological impacts and the prevention of environmental risks and forest fires in the mountain and surrounding valleys. 

We are on the front line of spotting environmental issues and stopping fires before they become uncontrollable - as most fires are caused by human action. Educating local communities is an effective way to prevent fire and therefore mitigate damage to natural resources and prevent climate change.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Reforestation Certificate. Sponsor 1 Tree planted

1 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificate - Sponsoring 1 tree planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. + 1 x ChampaTea Postcard

£10 or more

ChampaTea Travel Pack & Reforestation Certificate

1 x 50g ChampaTea Travel pack. 1 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificate - Sponsoring 1 tree planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. 1 x ChampaTea Postcard

£20 or more

Large ChampaTea Travel Pack

1 x 150g Large ChampaTea Travel pack. + 2 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificates - Sponsoring 2 trees planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. + 2 x ChampaTea Postcards

£30 or more

Classic ChampaTea Tin + Reforestation Certificate

Our classic 150g ChampaTea Collectors tin. + 3 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificates - Sponsoring 3 trees planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. + 3 x ChampaTea Postcards

£50 or more

ChampaTea Bundle

1 x Classic 150g ChampaTea Collectors tin. 3 x 50g Travel Packs. + 5 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificates - Sponsoring 5 trees planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. + 5 x ChampaTea Postcards

£100 or more

Large ChampaTea Bundle

3 x Classic 150g ChampaTea Collectors tins. 2 x 150g Travel Packs. 2 x 50g Travel Packs. 10 x Milking the Clouds Reforestation Certificates - Sponsoring 10 trees planted with email updates from 25th December 2019. + 10 x ChampaTea Postcards

£250 or more

Sponsor land for reforestation

Sponsor land for reforestation. Planting roughly 1000 Tabaquillo/Polylepis trees across 1/3 hectare.

£500 or more

0 of 25 claimed

International volunteer adventure package

Come and join our reforestation campaign for 1 week during February 2020. You will climb Mt. Champaqui, ride horses, plant trees, harvest Tabaquillo/Polylepis seeds and stay in a mountain refuge. Learn about ecological restoration work and become a member of the ChampaTeam. Weeks available starting: 30/01/20 or 13/02/20 or 24/02/20. Flight to Córdoba not included. Onward transport, room and board included. + 1 collectors tin.

£700 or more

Sponsor 1 hectare of land for reforestation

Sponsor land for reforestation in the reserve. Planting roughly 3000 Tabaquillo/Polylepis trees across 1 hectare.

£1,000 or more

3 of 25 claimed

VIP 1 Person Expedition to Mt Champaqui

An all inclusive 1 week trip for 1 person to Champaqui, with a scenic 3 hour taxi ride to and from Córdoba Airport (flights not included). Expeditions to the 3 high altitude restoration sites to plant trees. Bird watching with expert guides with a 1 hour hike or horse ride to spend 1 night at a boutique mountain reserve. Visit organic vineyards, swim in crystal clear mountain streams and eat wonderful Argentinian food. From 30/01/20 - 16/03/20.

£3,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sponsor a Water Reservoir

Sponsor a water reservoir in the ecological restoration site, as part of the ‘Milking the Clouds’ project.

£3,500 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Sponsor an event space

Sponsor a geodesic dome for education & events in your name as part of the ‘Milking the Clouds’ project.

£4,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sponsor a small classroom

Sponsor a classroom in your name to be built for the Environmental Education program of the ‘Milking the Clouds’ project.

£4,300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sponsor a high mountain observatory

Sponsor a high mountain observatory in your name on Mt. Champaqui.

£4,700 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sponsor a greenhouse

Sponsor a greenhouse for producing 100,000 Tabaquillo/Polylepis trees annually at the entrance to our reserve as part of the ‘Milking the Clouds’ project.

£5,000 or more

0 of 25 claimed

VIP Family/Friends Trip to Champaqui Mountain

VIP Family/Friends Expedition to Mt Champaqui. An all inclusive 7 day trip for a small group. Taxis to and from Córdoba Airport (flights not included). Expeditions to the 3 high altitude restoration sites to plant trees. Bird watching with expert guides with a 1 hour hike or horse ride to spend 1 night at a boutique mountain refuge. Including a Spa day, Translasierra Valley tour, Condors expedition & personal workshops with Pablo. 01/20 onwards

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