Challenge this plan at the public examination

by Darlington Green Party in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

Challenge this plan at the public examination


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We need to challenge this Local Plan at the Public Examination. We will employ an expert to present the information and argue our case.

by Darlington Green Party in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our higher target will allow our expert to be present on all days of the hearing that are relevant to our cause.
This means that our expert report will have a much bigger impact and we will be able to answer any questions raised.

Darlington's Draft Local Plan claims that we need up to 16,000 new homes. If this plan is adopted, this will trigger the building of three new suburbs to the North-west and North-east of the town.

With the help of community groups and individuals we hired an independent planning consultant to cross examine the calculations in the Plan. (for a link to the report, keep reading to the end)

They showed that the plan was flawed, the sums didn't add up and will be damaging for the town now, and into the future.

Now we need to compile all the documents and findings into a dossier that can be presented at the legal Examination in Public.

Our expert's presentation will show that;

  • The housing needs assessment of 16,000 homes is wrong
  • The mixture of types of housing will fail to meet the needs of an ageing population and future generations
  • The transport implications of housing sites and how existing infrastructure will fail to cope
  • The plan does not take into account the energy use implications as we take action on climate change

The report and all supporting documents must be presented in way that is suitable for a Public Examination, this is a detailed procedure requiring specialist knowledge.

The findings of all this work must then be presented to the hearing, in front of lawyers acting on behalf of  interested parties. This also requires substantial preparation and specialist skill.

Here is the report that communities and individuals funded;

Thanks for all your support last time, let's do this!

Let's make 'Challenge this plan at the public examination' happen

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