Challenge Eviction Ban

by First Time Landlord in London, England, United Kingdom

Challenge Eviction Ban


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To challenge the legality of the blank eviction ban imposed by the government on private landlords and to restore property rights.

by First Time Landlord in London, England, United Kingdom

We would like to challenge the tenant eviction ban imposed by the government on  private landlords in the Coronavirus Act 2020 as the infringement of property rights.

Last year we invested all our savings in a flat that we refurbished to a high standard.

We decided that initially we will rent it out to pay off the credit card debts.

The tenants soon fell into arrears and we served s.21 notice to repossess the property after 6 months. Even in normal circumstances it would take the courts 2-3 months to evict the tenants.

In our case less than 3 weeks into the notice the government banned all evictions for 3 months, which was later extended for another 2 months, without differentiating between tenants affected by coronavirus and fraudsters using it as an excuse.  The tenants understood this as a licence to stop paying at all and not moving out.

 The government did not consider offering the landlords support similar to furlough scheme for other businesses or offering loans to tenants genuinely affected by coronavirus. Instead, it placed the burden of housing on private landlords, actually suspending their right on real properties. The next step may be the expropriation of private properties.

Call to action:

1) Using existing rights, we need to be able to continue evicting tenants not directly affected by coronavirus.2) We need to challenge the legality of the blank eviction ban 3) We expect the government to compensate the private landlords for the losses it caused them.

We invite all affected landlords to join the legal battle and competent lawyers to represent us.

Please support us and all private landlords. Thank you!


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