Challenge BBC Bias

by Justin Schlosberg in London, England, United Kingdom

Challenge BBC Bias
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A formal legal challenge to Ofcom's decision not to investigate complaints about the BBC's Panorama programme 'Is Labour antisemitic?'

by Justin Schlosberg in London, England, United Kingdom

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Lotx 12th June 2020

Ofcom need to be investigated if they do not see that this is bias. Perhaps it's not just bias, but like another BBC Panorama programme "'Saving Syria’s Children'" This programme about AS in the Labour party is pure propoganda and fabricattion. In light of the recent 'Labour Report" surely there is another avenue with regard to bias to pursue?

James Edwards 12th February 2020

Ofcom have been shockingly inept in reaching this decision, seemingly without considering the evidence. A lone Labour voice in a programme shot through with bias and misreporting does not provide balance.

Tola 12th February 2020

Greatly appreciate the perseverance and support you in your endeavours. With the BBC's flagrant abdication of responsibility over the past few years, they need to be held to account more than ever.

David Topliss 9th February 2020

Many friends and family agree that the BBC has moved to the right since 2010. There have been constant attacks from the oligarch owned media and unprecedented political pressure via threats of reducing funding. We must fight back.

Geoff Ingarfield 8th February 2020

The BBC's part in the smear campaign against Corbyn and Labour has been appalling. They must be called to account, and anyone who told lies must face justice.

user 8th February 2020

Thanks for shining the light on this one aspect of the BBC's toxic propaganda. Protect your mind - get rid of your TV.

Cathy Hopkins 6th February 2020

The BBC needs to be brought to account because of the dishonest way it has portrayed a considerably principled leader in Jeremy Corbyn, and thus has deceived viewers.

Anthony Peter Cottrell 5th February 2020

The B.B.C. has shown itelf to be the dishonest mouthpiece of a dishonest tendency in the political structure of this country. The J.L.M. is in no way representative of socialist Jewish opinion in the U.K. How can it be when membership of this fringe group requires neither membership of the Labour party, nor Jewish ethnicity.

Antonio Giuseppe Muscat 4th February 2020

Let the BBC know that they can no longer get away with the bias and one sided reportage of politics and economics in the country. If the rest of the msm wont monitor them and they clearly will not monitor themselves, then the public have to do it. Heads should .they shall not undermine democracy.

Ruthie Morgan 3rd February 2020

Sick to death of the tory sycophantic BBC. We would have a Labour government and Corbyn as our PM if it wasn't for our crooked and corrupt MSM. Cancel your TV licence people. Don't put up with this tory propaganda being force fed to us. Corbyn will always be the best Labour leader and the greatest PM we never had

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