iceQR on your side in case of emergency

iceQR on your side in case of emergency

Save lives by encouraging helmet users worldwide to carry their personal details with them in case they have an accident.

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On 26th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £207 with 11 supporters in 56 days


To save lives by encouraging helmet users worldwide to carry their personal details with them in case they have an accident.


iceQR helmet stickers give paramedics a marginal gain in their ability to save lives, and I am asking for investment to raise awareness of iceQR.



After losing my mother to cancer in 2012, I bought my 80 year old father a carbon frame bike to encourage him to renew his passion for cycling. With my father cycling on his own I wanted a way that paramedics could contact me if he had an accident. After conducting extensive research into various products, I decided to design and manufacture my own system and make it affordable.

iceQR helmet stickers can be used by all safety headwear users [1]. Attached to the helmet the iceQR contains a QR code [2], when the code is scanned by a Smartphone or tablet, first responders have access to 10 photos and 1500 characters of medical and next of kin information, these details may be critical to patient care, pictures are used to confirm the details are for the casualty. Personal details stored can be updated at any time, ideal for changes in medical data and translating into the language of the host country if travelling abroad.

In August 2014 I launched the CERQL website [3] to sell direct to the public marketing via social media. By December, I was approached my Sussex Safer Roads Partnership [4] who later ordered 5,000 to give away at events the Road Safety team were attending during 2015. The main objective was to engage with Motorcyclists & Cyclists and encourage them to carry their ICE [5] information with them.



The UK market is approximately 10 million people [6], and in the US there are 65m cyclist alone [7].


iceQRs are sold for £1.50 each on, Amazon, eBay, & CERQL, delivery to the UK is free, international +£1. Without the need for distribution hubs in foreign territories selling overseas does not dilute margin.


With flexible funding, monies pledged will be spent immediately using advertising channels already established; each iceQR sold may result in a life saved, so a delay until the funding target is reached would be irresponsible.



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After I have established significant market awareness, I intend to create a holding company to take the project to the next level, and with the worldwide potential this could be a very exciting time.


1 Investors will receive vouchers to be used on our website, subject to T&C’s [8]

2 As an investor, if you have a business, a link to your website on the news page.

3 When a company is formed to drive growth, a share in the company may be offered to all investors over £20.


Join CERQL and you may help save someone’s life, and using your reward you may save your own.


[1] Cyclists, motorcyclists, skiers, horse riders & construction workers

[2] Quick Response Code. Wikipedia


[4] SSRP

[5] In case or emergency, introduced in 2005 by a British Paramedic, Wikipedia

[6] UK market

                [a] Cycling 5.1m CTC  2014

                [b] Motorcycling 1.3m 2015

                [c] Construction 2.93  2013

[7] US cycling 65m Statista 2014

[8] Total purchase price must exceed voucher value, can only be used in one transaction, no cash value.

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