Ceramic Studio Build

Ceramic Studio Build

I am building with my own two hands a ceramic studio on the farm, so I can produce my own work and run workshops.

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On 5th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,212 with 41 supporters in 56 days

I am building a ceramic studio this summer and I would love your support! It is my dream that I work producing my own designs, run small workshops and give private lessons. I humbly ask for a donation towards this project. I studied Fine Art and after a variety of jobs, I have spent the last 4 years working with clay as a potter's assistant. I find this to be my favourite medium due to it's plasticity and infinate combinations of results. With my own studio I would be producing domestic ware and larger sculptural pieces. I worked a summer on a Greek Island giving lessons and loved the therapeutic nature of sharing the hands-on experience with all ages, I believe everyone should try it! 

(Zakynthos, 2014)

I have plenty of space and tools to build, I am looking for donations to buy building materials and studio equiptment.  If you think you could support me with these costs then you would be making my dream come true! 

(Studio plot, 11/5/17)  

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