Letter to Zion

by Cephas Williams in London, England, United Kingdom

Letter to Zion


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Although we’ve reached our target of £100k we welcome more support as this will enable us to do more. Please see our overview for more info

by Cephas Williams in London, England, United Kingdom

Thank You! December 4th

Thanks everyone who has supported so far! We have now raised  81% of our target. I've genuinely been moved by the level of personal support, comments and activity across social media. To see so many people getting behind Letter to Zion has been both encouraging and hopeful. When I first spoke to Rob (Co-Founder of Crowdfunder) then subsequently Simon & Sam, I knew I could trust them to work with me to deliver a website that both authentically and efficiently communicated my vision / message for change. 


When I started the Crowdfunder 56 days ago, I was speaking to a guy called Gordon who works at GoDaddy and was pointing the www.LetterToZion.com url to the Crowdfunder partnership page, he was a white guy originally from the UK who had moved out to Barcelona I believe, I didn't know him, but he looked into the vision and put the first £10 down before the site went live. Since then, we've gone on to raise £81,012 and we're till speaking to a number of organisations behind the scenes to sign them up to the BBN. The 56 day count day may be over, but this mission is just getting warmed up. 


We will be leaving the Crowdfunder open, as the mission continues to grow. It has been great to see all the pictures people have taken of the billboards and the messages of support, keep sharing this with your network and your friends and let's take this to a 'whole nother' level. #LetterToZion 


If you haven’t already, check out this video of me explaining Portrait of Black Britain.

Thanks for your support to this vision and it has been great to see how many people this letter has connected with.

Cephas Williams


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