Centriks mobile app

Centriks mobile app

Development fees for the app so that we can get it on the store and allow people to use it and earn themselves money soon!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am looking to develop an app with a team of app developers. It is going to cost £70,000 to develop and will take approximately 6-8 months for us to develop. 

There are plenty of new and experienced drivers out there who could benefit from this app. The app will work with insurance companies to monitor peoples driving alongside the standard telematics box. The difference being that this app will reward people with money alongside the bonus miles they receive from the insurance company. This money can then be spent from the app in shops, restaraunts, in app stores and online. Its simple, the longer people have the app switched on when they drive, the more money they earn. It is also designed to keep people safe, when the telematics side senses movement, the app will lock the phone and only allow there to be music played and phone calls to be answered through a bluetooth connection in order to prevent people using their phones whilst driving! 

This app aims to improve the safety of users of the roads not by punishing them for driving badly but providing them with a sense that they can be rewarded for driving well. Providing the user with an incentive rather than a punishment. I believe that Centriks will be a leader in the telematics industry and will offer something different to what the insurance companies have at the moment. Why use Centriks? The insurance companies will easily be able to monitor peoples driving styles if their policy requires a telematics box. Is there a market? Yes! This can be used by those people who have to have a telematics box due to high premiums, if you have a telematics box anyway why not have one on your phone too which will reward you! Also, there is a wide range of drivers who drive daily and drive sensibly and with the ease of the app, why not allow them to get rewarded for driving how they are supposed too. Will the shops want to be on the app? Why not, afterall its free advertisement for them, their shop icon will be placed on the app for all the users to see, it will provide people with disposable income which they can use to spend at the shops which previously they may not of been able to afford. 

The majority of people in the UK like finding ways to earn extra money which they can spend, this app will keep our roads safe and encourage app users to spend money in shops and in the app store benefiting businesses all around us!