Centre Green Unity Party

by Jay Day in Chartham, England, United Kingdom

Centre Green Unity Party
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To create The Centre Green Unity Party to unite people to work together from across politics, to ensure a sustainable future for all.

by Jay Day in Chartham, England, United Kingdom

As a teacher and a father, life starts to lack meaning when you realise children have no future.  The final call to save the world from 'climate catastrophe' has been made today, the 8th October 2018, by the Intergovernental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  It is a call for action for everyone; it should have more gravity, for the people in the UK than when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939; it should be the primary focus of our government and all political parties, sadly it is not.  

A coalition government was formed in the second world war as there was no place for political squabbling; we all simply needed to work together to fight fascism.  We need more than a temporary coalition for the challenge before us now, the changes we need to make now are massive; we need a political party that can unite people from across the political spectrum, to provide the leadership and policies that help us all to work together to both save and sustain the beautiful natural world that provides for us all.  There is still hope that the world can provide for our needs, but it definitely can not manage our greed.

My goal is to help establish such a political party by publicising and promoting the notion of a Centre Green Unity Party.  The party is all about establishing a future for young people and I will seek to facilitate them taking a leading role from the start, by recruiting a team of young people to publicise and promote the party via social media.  As a critical mass of support is gathered, we will lobby existing politicians and encourage them to have the courage to leave behind the political camps of the twentieth century to join with a unity party to meet the extraordinary challenges we face today. For there is not time to wait for a new generation of politicians to break through; we need the politicians of today to step up to the urgent challenge of today.

The party will gradually attract people with the skills and determination to make it succeed, but to bring about this party will require a core team of dedicated people and resources.  It is possible other existing organisations may offer support along the way and the endeavour will be heavily reliant upon voluntary efforts, but there will be a need for some core funding to support a number of people to dedicate their time and skills to the project.  Hence, I aim to raise £100 000 by crowd funding with the goal of establishing the political party and fielding candidates nationwide within six months, such is the urgency of the challenge before us.  

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