Center for Community Dialoge-CODE

Center for Community Dialoge-CODE

we are young human rights activists in kenya, seeking help to meet and share our strategies and plan for action with similar community organisat.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Three young proactive CODE members (Kenya) including me the director, want to meet up with two ( Youth Action Movement Kenya and Stand Up Youth, Kenya) large and effective youth groups/activists to share our strategies and plan for action leading up to the 2017 general elections. We have to meet centrally in Nairobi as we cover all areas of the country. we have no money to get there or home and pay for 3 day stay. Our already determined plans revolve around getting youth and unregistered voters registered, talk about the power of the vote, corruption within the system and how youth can make big changes to equity, justice, interethnic violence, FGM, female equality, child marriage etc. We will also apply for a larger grant. We have 500 volunteers and 130 volunteer/part time. And have our plans drawn up for the next 20 months. Please consider us for this first helping hand.

This is the summary of what our organization is doing:




Democratic Governance, People Centered Leadership and Social Justice through Dialogue and Sustainability.



To empower communities and especially the poor and marginalized people to effectively assert their rights and access opportunities through advocacy, networking, civic and voter education, training and assets building.



CODE- Kenya has a competent management board headed by renowned and highly acclaimed personalities and democratically elected officials.


The organization runs a functional secretariat located in Kisii with grassroots networks in a number of counties, hence a vibrant local and county presence throughout the greater Nyanza and Western regions of Kenya. 


Core programme areas include the following namely:


1. peace Justice and conflict mitigation through Non-violent strategies 


2. Entrenching Democratic  Governance in Grassroots communities 


3. Rule of Just Law, Order and Constitutionalism 


4. gender Justice and Empowerment of Women 


5. Environment and Climate Justice in Grassroots Communities 


6. Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development 


7. Community Dialogue, Education and Community Empowerment.



The organizational programs office is headed by professionals with authoritative experience, knowledge and expertise with extensive contacts running across the religious community, civil society, governmental agencies, and development agencies amongst others.


CODE operates programs across five thematic areas as follows;


1. Peace, Justice and Conflict mitigation 

2. Peace Education and Dialogue; Building bridges via exchange programs for intra and inter-ethnic communities’ Dialogue 


3. Economic Empowerment for Peace-; To diminish the competition of resources 


4. Interfaith Dialogue, Reflections and Joint Action


5. Peace, Justice and the Rule of Law-; promote accountability and fight Impunity in the security sector and public administration in the counties we work in.


6. Democratic Governance and Accountability

Social audit program 


7. Reforms promotion and monitoring 


8. Human Rights promotion and protection 


9. Policy and Legislative Development 


10. Gender Justice and Empowerment of Women 


11. The Sexual and Gender – based Violence (SGBV) and FGM campaigns 


12. Gender Justice Education and Training 


13. Girl Child Education, FGM and Early motherhood Intervention 


14. Gender and Governance program.

Youth Empowerment 


15. Youth Empowerment and Enterprise Development program 


16. Young leadership and mentorship Development

17.Youth Democratic Organizing 


18. Partnerships and Networks and Alliance Building 

Sustainable Development 


19. Development and Social Entrepreneurship Education 




In our determination to leverage the social – economic and political status of the poor and the marginalized, CODE- Kenya has adopted a process of organizational and context assessment and scenarios appraisal on a periodic basis. This periodic assessment has enabled CODE-Kenya to be contextual, relevant and led to integration of the needs and aspirations of its reference communities in its organizational and programme functions. 


The organization commands authoritative experience in stakeholder in engagements including sustained partnerships, community dialogues, which has no doubt contributed to social transformation and participatory development. The organization has also successfully implemented a program ‘Mobilizing students of higher learning institutions on reforms’ which entailed agenda four items including constitutional, legal and judicial reforms, poverty, inequality and regional development imbalance, unemployment particularly among the youth, consolidating national cohesion.