CELOPMAN - UK 1st Store Opening!

CELOPMAN - UK 1st Store Opening!

The most successful fashion retail franchise in Spain arrives to UK after selling more than 60 franchises since 2013. www.celopman.co.uk

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Celopman is a Spanish textile company since 1952 and sells casual clothing for urban young men. After decades of being a clothes manufacturer and a retailer Celopman started selling its franchise concept in Spain in 2013 opening around 60 stores in only 3 years. With the experience acquired with their own stores, Celopman has created a men clothes franchise concept allowing us to compete with the big clothes brands due to our very high quality at competitive pricing.

Another feature which is making the company expand quickly is giving our franchisees the opportunity to establish a top quality clothes store without extensive retail experience requirement and with a very low investment from £80k with a swift store opening. 

It is not easy for everybody to have the ability to open their own clothes fashion store due to the business complexity plus the big investment needed to pay the product to start up the business. We are proud to share with you our experience from decades of trading to help you when starting your fashion business.

For this and because you only need to pay a refundable deposit to stock the store of clothes is making this franchise a preference in Spain giving people a great opportunity to have a successful business. This is backed by a recognizable company with retail understanding which will help with the know-how transfer and training, making it very easy to manage your business.

Happiness of giving people the opportunity to succeed in this passionate business is the purpose of the Celopman franchise concept. With a new store design developed by the company fitting out Zara & Inditex stores all around the world you will feel the happiness of managing your own fashion business.

For all of this, Celopman franchisees family is growing exponentially every year after only three years.

The company with the Master Franchise License of CELOPMAN in UK is seeking for a successful introduction of the brand in the territory through the opening of the first store in UK before Christmas 2016 in Leamington Spa (West Midlands). This will allow us to demonstrate the viability of the business before franchising the CELOPMAN concept in the country. 

This contribution by the investors will be invested in concepts as shown below:

  • £5,000 Initial Payment (Covering the costs of those displaced by Celopman from Spain for the opening and organization of previous stock equipment and staff training).
  • £15,000 Initial stock to fill the store before the opening. 
  • £20,000 Premise letting deposit.
  • £30,000 Estimated expenditure on premise rework and furniture.
  • £5,000 Store opening local marketing.
  • £5,000 Available cash after opening.

Are you ready to be part of one of the most recent and exciting retail projects in UK?