Cedric needs help.

by Edie Peters in Hythe, England, United Kingdom

Cedric needs help.


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Cedric is in hospital and needs help to get him well.

by Edie Peters in Hythe, England, United Kingdom

  • 1633957466_inbound7610611061412262936.jpgUpdate...Cedric is home and is taking it easy, he seems happy to be back with us and we are so happy he is home where he belongs.

Thank you to everyone so far that has taken the time to read Cedric’s page and a massive thank you to everyone that has very kindly donated.

Now the difficult bit, Cedric’s final medical bill is sitting at £13,190, in our hearts and minds there was no other option for us, with more treatment still to come...we can’t believe that it has cost this much and it is a constant worry for us, we are well aware that this is a lot...any amount you feel you can donate would be so gratefully received, we are hoping to get £4.000 back from insurers but this is still not confirmed, thank you all for taking the time to read this update.

 Some of you may know Cedric had a horrible accident last Friday, after spending a couple of nights at an emergency vets he arrived at Fitzpatricks Referral 1632958041_inbound5266753825414045517.jpgunit on Sunday morning.

He had his first surgery yesterday and came through it well, he is having a day of rest and is scheduled for his second surgery tomorrow.

He is in the best place possible and is receiving the best care we could wish for.

Therefore it is with a very heavy heart that we are asking for your help as this certainly doesn't come easy to us.

Cedric is insured but the amount  is minimal and doesn't come anywhere close to the funds we need to be able to pay the final costs.

We want Cedric home and back to his life with us at remEDIEs where we know he is at his happiest.

We are clutching at straws and are at a total lose and just don't know what else we can do to help him.

If you feel you are able to and would like to help we will be forever in your debt.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this page.

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