CEDAW People’s Tribunal

by Michaela Hawkins in Phillipstown, Wales, United Kingdom


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The aim of CEDAW People Tribunal is to eliminate all forms of discrimination against Women

by Michaela Hawkins in Phillipstown, Wales, United Kingdom


The Vision of this People's Tribunal is to incorporate a Women's Bill of Rights into domestic law and following its adoption, the UK agrees to take measures to ensure women’s full enjoyment of human rights on an equal basis with men.

We are delighted to announce that with your invaluable support, we have made great progress in evidence gathering and scheduling of the livestreamed Tribunal Hearings out of London.

'We'll be asking the tribunal to consider a number of points. Most importantly, for that Tribunal, one would expect a conclusion that the delay is unconscionable and will come with recommendations as to how - in the soonest possible way - CEDAW can be inculcated into our legislative system.' - John Cooper QC, Counsel

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Prof Meghan Campbell and Hannah Wilson replace Prof Jones and Hannah Manzur

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