CD Recording - INSOMNIA

Project by Jorge Jimenez

Making possible the first ever CD recording of J.S.Bach's "Goldberg Variations" on unaccompanied baroque violin.

We did it!

On 9th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £600 with 2 supporters in 56 days

The urban myth says that Johann Sebastian composed his GOLDBERG VARIATIONS to ease the nights of insomnia of one of his patrons Count Keyserlingk, still unsure wether this account is totally true or not, the hypnothical nature of the Goldberg Variations is a fact. Jorge JimeĢnez has arranged and recomposed this monumental work of art to fit the violin and will aim to transport us to our inner safe place, where the dreams are born.

"For this model..., we are indebted to Count Keyserlingk, formerly Russian envoy to the court of the Elector of Saxony, who frequently resided in Leipzig, and brought with him Goldberg, who has been mentioned above, to have him instructed by Bach in music. The Count was often sickly, and then had sleepless nights. At these times Goldberg, who lived in the house with him, had to pass the night in an adjoining room to play something to him when he could not sleep. The Count once said to Bach that he should like to have some clavier pieces for his Goldberg, which should be of such a soft and somewhat lively character that he might be a little cheered up by them in his sleepless nights. Bach thought he could best fulfil this wish by variations, which, on account of the constant sameness of the fundamental harmony, he had hitherto considered as an ungrateful task. But as at this time all his works were models of art, these variations also became such under his hand. This is, indeed, the only model of the kind that he has left us. The Count thereafter called them nothing but his variations. He was never weary of hearing them; and for a long time, when the sleepless nights came, he used to say: "Dear Goldberg, do play me one of my variations." Bach was, perhaps, never so well rewarded for any work as for this: the Count made him a present of a golden goblet, filled with a hundred Louis d'ors. But their worth as a work of art would not have been paid if the present had been a thousand times as great."

As in Jorge's previous solo live , the aim of INSOMNIA is not to be a “regular” classical music performance, Jorge wants to go further: dim lights, cozy atmosphere, relax and confortable seats, or mats, wine, hot tea, pyjamas, pillows... whatever it takes to achieve an hour of peace in our hectic reality...
In Jorge’s own words: “if by the end of the Da Capo of the Variation’s theme there is still someone who has not gone into a peaceful sleep or is not just lying there enjoying the sound of the silence after, I hope they will respect the rest of their neighbours... shhhh...”

Bach's Goldberg Variations are amongst the most famous pieces for keyboard by Johann Sebastian Bach. Jorge has recomposed them for the intimate and resonant world of the violin and the result is out of this world.

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