CD Guided Journeys 2 by David Tyrrell

We are raising money to produce the CD "Guided Journeys 2" by David Tyrrell.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

CD Guided Journeys 2 by David Tyrrell

David Tyrrell is a Reiki Master , Spiritual Facilitator and Medium.

Eight years ago, we produced the CD "Guided Journeys" with David's spoken words combined with background music from experimental electronic duo Bran's Cauldron. 

The music aims to help set a mood which enhance and compliment the text of the visualisation.  

Since the CD release David has often been asked when is he going to release a 2nd CD?

So now with 5 new guided journeys you can help make “Guided Journeys 2” a reality.

Please have a look at the rewards on the crowdfunder page and get clicking,

and please tell your friends and network to click as well and make this happen!

Rewards: Starting at £1 for a warm glow then, eventually, reaching the top reward at £75 :-

The GUIDED JOURNEYS 2 CD Release Launch Party "Happening"
See David Tyrrell LIVE , hear the CD music, hospitality included and have fun!
This is a ticketed event, at The Heart Centre, High Street, Kirkcaldy,
 - capacity limited to 30 so be quick and do not miss this -

check the web links -

David Tyrrell Website * David Tyrrell Facebook * The Heart Centre, Kirkcaldy * Record Label