CCI Community Kitchen: Growing Opportunities

Help CCI grow opportunities by establishing a Community Kitchen in Clydesdale that will create a space for enterprise, inclusion and fun.

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 Who are CCI?

Based in the rural Clydesdale area of Lanark, Clydesdale Community Initiatives (CCI) empowers individuals who are experiencing significant barriers to inclusion and employment, due to their learning disability, mental health issue or other long term health condition, the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their community through participation in our landscaping, horticulture, woodcraft and micro-enterprise activities.

Our unique social enterprise model focuses on the contributions a person can make and not their support needs. We believe this asset based and person centred approach is a key factor in CCI’s success and is crucial to helping people break out of ‘social care’ bubbles and empowers them to showcase their talents, skills and abilities to the communities in which they live and work.

What do we do?

On a day to day basis our participants are supported to engage in projects that make a tangible high profile difference to their community. These projects range from soft and hard landscaping, horticulture, woodcraft and 'micro-enterprise' activities utilising natural products. The semi commercial nature of these activities is essential to ensure that our participants are contributing to projects that have real value and are not just being used in unskilled voluntary labour tasks where the opportunity to develop skills and the public appreciation of the works are limited.  

"[CCI] took me from being a mental and physical wreck to someone who can now make a difference in other people's lives and once again be a happy person"

What's our next step?

CCI Scotland attracted a significant £1.9m investment to renovate a derelict farm on the outskirts of Lanark into our Social Enterprise and Inclusion Hub which was completed in September 2015. Already, these new facilities have enabled us to increase our capacity, sustainability and ability to continue to deliver exceptional social, vocational and inclusion outcomes.

 With our fantastic outdoor area we have been able to grow our own fruit and vegetables which our participants have been able to utilise to make healthy lunches for both staff and fellow participants to enjoy. The response to the growing, processing and cooking of food has been exceptional with participants already gaining confidence and food based skills but we know we can do more - and this is why we need your help. 

Why are we crowdfunding?

Our next ambitious plan is to raise £15,000 to fully fit our kitchen space which will provide the opportunities for participants  to engage in food based training, develop their social networks and perhaps form a micro food-enterprise group making delicious chutneys, jams and bread for everyone to enjoy! We want this facility to also be utilised by not only our participants but the entire community from educational units and youth organisations to local small businesses. 

Our vision is for the kitchen to provide a platform for social inclusion, enterprise and fun for the entire community!

How do we know Clydesdale needs a community kitchen?

Local individuals and groups have told us so! The kitchen facilities will be open to all including youth organisations, community organisations, local small businesses and training providers and will act as a platform for the most vulnerable community members who are often excluded from mainstream training and inclusion opportunities, due to their mental health issue, learning disability or other difficult social circumstance, to engage in social inclusion and enterprise activities. 

It is our expectation that the kitchen facilities will provide a space where healthy eating and cooking, food training and food based enterprise activities can take place. It will facilitate social cohesion within rural Clydesdale and provide a platform for individuals who are most often excluded from mainstream employment and inclusion activities to gain valuable vocational and social skills whislt simultaneously showcasing their talents, skills and experiences to the wider community. 

Every contribution counts, we need £15,000 to make this exciting prospect become a reality! So why don't you check out our treasure trove of rewards and donate to this project which not only supports individuals facing signficant barriers to inclusion, training and employment but also benefits the wider local community.