Penair School CCF

Help us to buy adventurous training and leadership resources so that we can extend the scope of activities on offer to our cadets!

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £6,071 of £4,500 target with 62 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we can reach our stretch taregt of £8000, CCFA with increase this with another £7500! Thank you to everyone who has helped us to meet our initial target... now let's push for the full amount!

Who are we?

Penair Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an Air Cadet section run through Penair School. We comprise of 62 students ranging from year 8 to year 12, two members of Penair staff and two adult volunteers.

What do we do?

Penair CCF meets once per week for our regular parade nights. On these evenings, we alternate between a week of lessons and drill, then a week of leadership tasks and activities. Our aim is to provide cadets with a range of opportunities to help them develop their confidence, leadership skills and ability to work as part of a team.

In addition to weekly parade nights, we offer a whole host of weekend activites that cadets can attend if they wish. These include shooting, flying, overnight camps, night exercises, mountain biking, mountain walking, First Aid, CCF competitions, Remembrance parade, leadership courses at RAF Cranwell and a range of Air Cadet courses at RAF St Mawgan. We hold an annual camp and offer cadets the chance to take part in overseas camps. The annual camp is one of the highlights of the year... take a look at the collage for a sneak peek at what we got up to in 2016.

Why do we need your help?

As an RAF section, we are supported by the RAF in terms of access to their facilities, support of their staff and the provision of uniform. Penair CCF only formed in 2015 and for this reason we do not have any legacy equipment to support and supplement training. For example, we do not have adventurous training and leadership activity kits, which are invaluable when teaching young people how to be better leaders. Each cadet has their own individual story, and their own unique reasons for being part of the section. Some do it for a love of flying or shooting; some do it for the sense of unity and belonging; some do it for the leadership training and opportunitites; others do it for the camps and adventurous activities. Whatever their motivations, we are keen to support their interests and goals to as full an extent as possible. The purpose of this Crowdfunder project is to raise funds to finance the procurement of equipment for use within our training activities.

Match Funding

The CCF Association has managed to obtain funding from a charity and will match fund our project provided that we reach particular milestones. If we are able to raise £4500, they will add another £4000. If we manage to raise £8000, they will add another £7500. This means that your pledge is worth alomst double the amount that you pay!

Why should you pledge?

We are a non-exclusive club and are fundamentally opposed to charging young people to join our CCF section. We do not charge weekly subs and wherever possible provide all activities free of charge. We are keen to extend the scope of what is on offer to cadets, but this is virtually impossible with our current limited budget. If we have to resort to using outside providers, we would be obliged to charge for some activities. The concern with this is that only the more affluent cadets would then be able to afford some activities, which directly opposes the fundamental aim of ensuring all activities are open to all. The resources we aim to procure will benefit not only our current cohort of cadets, but all the Penair CCF cadets of the future.

What do the cadets have to say?

Enough from me... this project is all about improving the experiences of our cadets. What do they have to say about being a member of Penair CCF?

What will we do with the money you pledge?

Well, that depends a lot on how much we manage to raise. We have loads of great ideas and exciting projects in mind. Some of our thoughts and ideas include the following:

  • Leadership task kits. There are some excellent resources available which can be used to enhance leadership training for cadets.
  • Emergency and survival equipment for use on mountains trips. This includes things like emergency shelters and ropes.
  • Maps and compasses. This will help us to provide better navigation training in a range of locations as cadets would no longer need to share sparse resources.
  • Items of outdoor clothing. We could then loan pieces of equipment such as gaitors, bag covers, rucksacks, map cases etc.
  • A large tent or gazebo, to allow outdoor training to continue in inclement weather.
  • Bike trailer. The main expense on mountain biking trips is currently the cost of hiring bikes. With a trailer, we would be able to take our own bikes and therefore make trips more affordable for all cadets.
  • Mountain bikes. We would like to have mountain bikes available for cadets to borrow if they do not have a suitable bike of their own. We already have cadets lined up to maintain the bikes!
  • Climbing equipment. We have a climbing wall available, but equipment such as ropes and harnesses need to be replaced to ensure their integrity and safety.
  • Laser guns. We could use these on site to provide cadets with target shooting practice on the school premisis without the need for actual firearms.
  • Assault course items.

Finally, a HUGE thank you from Penair CCF for reading our page and hopefully making a pledge.

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