A revolutionary idea taking hair and gunk out of any hairbrush.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


At CBrushPro we have developed a revolutionary product that makes using and cleaning your hairbrush that much easier. A simple yet effective product to remove hair and prevent gunk in your hairbrush. Not only is there nothing like this in the market but gone are the days where you take a pencil and slowly start to remove hair one clump at a time and thats with out getting started on the little bits of fluff that get stuck at the bottom of the bristles. 

Hair getting stuck in your brush as many of you will understand is a normal yet irritating part of brushing your hair. Most men and women brush their hair more than once a day, meaning that each time you brush hair gets stuck in the bristles. Lets not forget that on many occasions you will use your partners/family members hairbrush resulting in more than just one hair type on your hairbrush. If you use any product in your hair such as hairspray, wax, gel etc when left in your hairbrush it will attract dirt and lint creating the fluff balls that are hard to take out. Now the ancient process of taking out each clump of hair and fluff ball is time consuming. We simply dont have the time before work, getting ready for school, going out to a party or whatever is important at the time to stay and take out hair and clean your hairbrush so gunk doesnt form. Our lives are busy enough.

This is where the CBrushPro comes in and takes over. The CBrushPro is used to fit any size of brush whether its small, large, round or oval shaped. They come in four different sizes and an array of different colours. Each CBrushPro is made from Latex fabric which allows the CBrushPro to fit any hairbrush. The four different sizes are small straight brush (ssb), large straight brush (lsb), small round brush (srb) and finally large round brush (lrb). The Latex fabric provides a robust yet flexible consistency to manoeuvre around, through the hairbrush bristles. The Latex fabric is reusable and is water resistant meaning any product that may be on the CBrushPro can be cleaned off instantly. The CBrushPro is firmly held down to the base of your hairbrush when pulled through and is secured by Velcro at the back of the hair brush, When the CBrushPro is secured you are good to go, there is no tugging or pulling on the hair, it feels just like a normal brush. When you have finished brushing your hair you undo the Velcro and lift the CBrushPro. This will catch all the hair that has been trapped and will help lift off any potential hair product that was used in your hair at the time of brushing. All that is left to do is give your hairbrush a rinse when you have the time. 




We have filed a utility patent at the intellectual property office through solicitors, as we are at the first stage of this process we require funds to complete the patent. The fees of filling a patent are quite high and can go to £4000 depending on the type of patent filed. 


CBrushPro is a start up company in its first stage, we have developed prototypes of the product all by hand and are still working towards how we can better the CBrushPro for our potential customers. Once the funds have been raised we will contact the manufacturer to start the first order. The first order will predominantly go to our backers so they have chance to see what they have achieved working alongside us. We will take their feedback and incorporate in our future designs.

Social Marketing

With the funding provided we will launch our website to take orders, to show what is being developed and how you can get involved. We are going to launch our Instagram page as soon as the crowdfunding goes live. This will show the power of what each individual at crowdfunder can bring to this website and the Instagram. We have a temporary email at the moment were you are welcome to contact us. 


Hi my name is Hariss Shah, I am married and my wife is pregnant with our first baby. I am trying to make an honest living by sharing my idea with the world, i hope in return that allows me to support my family. I would like to share a little bit about myself so there is an understanding of who you have backed to make this product a success.

I went to University taking on Architecture. The time at University is where i had a chance to see what life has to offer. Where to go, what to do and how to do it. During this period i met my wife, i mean at the time i did not know it but there was a connection i had not experienced with anyone else.

Technically we were not in a position to get married as we both did not have great jobs, but there was an understanding between us that whatever we work for we work together, it was let us do this together so we can both say we achieved "this". I mean "this" has not been achieved yet but it is amazing how we keep each other going through the times which are hard.

We decided that one of us will have to take a leave of absence from University to concentrate on financial obligations (and guess who got caught in the crosshairs). It was a joint decision and i took up work in the automotive industry. I worked with the largest and most luxurious companies such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. This was a learning curve understanding what goes in to making a car worth half a million, features i had never seen or imagined. But during this period of working i realised that they cater for a small group of people, now these people of course have wealth but it never appealed to me to make a product that would be used for a certain type of clientele.

Through out my life i have always been fascinated with how things work and what to create. I have been an entrepreneur form the time i can remember. Now just like any entrepreneur this is not my first idea but it is something that both me and my wife believe in. It is a product which not only helps over 50% of the population but it is something that makes life a little bit easier.

The truth is life is not easy but that wont keep me down another job rejection is fire in the belly for the CBrushPro to become successful. 

I have shared a little bit about my life with you and i hope that through this you have faith in me to deliver this product. Not only does it show that i can come through adversity but also if we believe in something then we can make it happen. This is something i believe in, i am sure you will too by backing this product.

"It is the simplest ideas that create the greatest products".


E-MAIL - CBrushPro@outlook.com