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by Christen in London, England, United Kingdom

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An innovative range of delicate cold brews launching in Spring / Summer 2020 - with your help!

by Christen in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Starting with WHY 

By now we are very aware of the apparent paradox of:

  • Working hard and generally living at 100 miles / hr
  • Taking care of our bodies and minds - we’re all about wellbeing when we can slot it in

How do we reconcile these and do both? How can we be the best of ourselves every day?

A solution: self-care without stopping

It's an overall hero that you can't taste. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from hemp. Its reported properties include:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain management
  • anti oxidant
  • anti anxiety
  • muscle recovery

There are 1.3 million users of CBD in the UK and the market is expected to be worth £1 billion by 2025 (according to research by the Centre for Medical Cannabis).

I believe that combining the boosting effect of coffee with the soothing properties of CBD can help us busy people be the best we can be.

While some CBD soft drinks have started to pop up, there aren't (m)any CBD cold brews out there. Most of us drink coffee anyway, but how about augmenting it and getting rid of that jittery feeling?

"Ideas Won't Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them."– A. N. Whitehead

Having come across the Americans enthusiasm for cold brew and for CBD, I started making some lovely organic, dairy free, vegan cold brew coffees in my kitchen, having sourced eco-friendly packaging. Soon enough I was spending my weekends making coffee and delivering to a few outlets in East London. Very exciting, but not particularly sustainable or scalable.

The market testing / decisive moment came as I got a stand at a wellness and mindfulness show called Balance Festival 2019. As well as making industry connections, I gathered valuable feedback and proved the demand - selling a few hundred bottles.

Bottomline: the world is ready.

I’ve spent the last few months finding a manufacturer, talking to retailers and refining recipes, sourcing high quality CBD, a fantastic fair trade coffee blend, and even some organic botanicals. Turns out things take time and money.

The future: what your pledge will go towards

I’m crowdfunding as part of Bring it 2020 - an initiative encouraging female entrepreneurs to a) exist and b) raise any money. Now is the right time as I’m almost ready to produce a small range of 3 delicate cold brews to augment your daily coffee dose in time for this spring/summer. The immediate priorities are:

  • The production trial run: involves not just labels, bottles, ingredients and processes coming together, but also lab testing
  • Marketing: given the relatively new product category, it’s important to get right!

Who am I?

Did I mention this is a side hustle?

Originally from Belgium, I have lived the crazy London life for all my adulthood. I previously worked in corporate banking and my job now consists of acquiring customers for a phenomenal HR platform. I’m also a chartered accountant (boring but useful).

As exciting as London is 95% of the time it has sometimes taken its toll on me, as I strive to do it all - achieve, be healthy, be social. Hence my current quest to give productivity and self care more equal weights!

Thank you so much for supporting entrepreneurship + a different kind of coffee :)


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