Cavey - Recording of Debut Album

by Luke Cave in London, England, United Kingdom

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To raise funds to finish recording, mixing and mastering our debut album.

by Luke Cave in London, England, United Kingdom


We're Cavey, an Alt-Rock band from London, and we're trying to make our first album. We began recording on June 25th, but limited funds prevented us from finishing. We are extremely proud of the work we have done so far, and we are trying to raise funds in order to wrap up the album to the same high standard in which it was started. Our sound is a mixture of country songwriting, jazz arrangements, introspective lyrics, and bluesy guitar lines, and uses elements of theatricality to immerse and engage directly with the listener.

Finishing the album is the first step towards an ultimate goal of making a successful imprint on the London music scene.

Have a listen to our previous work here:

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Every form of entertainer has two personalities. The person themselves, and the performer, a visually and emotionally heightened version of their personality that the audience perceives. In the context of the digital age, with pressure from social media, an infinitely noisy musical glass ceiling, and previous generations' expectations of success, what happens when these two personalities become harder and harder to separate?

Every song is an emotional vignette exploring the conflict of the expectations of success with the realities of everyday life.

Where it was recorded? With whom?

We are recording the Album at Anthony Lim’s home studio in Willesden Green. Anthony is a mixing, mastering and recording engineer with over 30 years of experience, and has worked with UK artists including Peter Green, Newton Faulkner, Nathan NFG, Akala and Wretch 32. We are tracking the record as live as possible to capture our performance in the most honest way.

Once mixed, the tracks will be mastered by Anthony Lim. Our goal is to have all songs mixed and mastered by October 2019, with the first single on track for release in late October.

Work so far:

We spent 4 days tracking 7 songs, and a further two doing vocal overdubs. All 7 songs have a solid backbone, but as it stands, none are ready to mix. We estimate a further 5-6 days aren needed to finish overdubs on the 7 previously tracked, and possibly add another 2 songs.

Once tracked, the mixing will take up to 4 weeks. Luke Cave will mix the tracks at zero additional expense.


We hope to have a single out around late October, a couple more early next year, and the album released in Spring 2020. We have planned every detail of activity for the next year and a half, in a business proposal designed to help us stay on track, and get the most out of this project. It will also aid us in applying for funding from arts grants and pitching to industry workers (a booking agent for example). 


Last year, working with Producer Frank Wright (Blaenavon), Cavey released their debut EP, Night Time, independently garnering a full interview on Gigwise and a premier on DIY. Then, later the same year, the single About To Start was also released independently, with a sold out release show at DIY Space for London attracting attention from Wonderland Magazine, and Earmilk. 

Band leader Luke Cave has been writing songs since the age of 15, and first achieved success with RAD FRU, a two piece rock band with releases making track of the week on BBC Radio 6 and Zane Lowe's Next Hype feature on BBC Radio 1.

Cavey formed when guitarist Luke Cave met Adrian Ortman and Alex Chalstrey, two busy, professional musos swinging Jazz BAs on their belts. After some early shows as a trio, Refa Wang joined on bass, and for two years, Cavey has played innumerable shows in London, attracting attention for their unique and immersive live shows.

Early this year Cavey began trialling new material at live shows in anticipation of an ambitious concept album.

‘Hypnotic and fully-formed’ - DIY

“Whatever direction is pursued by this group, you can rest assured it’ll be an interesting one.” - Gigwise

"A unique and compelling fusion of unrefined talent" - Wonderland


We are asking for funds to complete the musical component only, of a much larger project consisting of promotion, management, touring and sales. These costs can be broken down into:

  • Tracking costs £1500
  • Mastering £1000
  • Additional musician fees (string/horn players) £500


We currently have no affiliation with any record label, management or booking agency and Luke Cave currently manages all aspects of the bands activity. This is more than just an album project to us, we see it as the beginning of our careers as professional musicians, a stepping stone which may grant us the leverage to secure opportunities like bigger, better shows, radio play, support tours. All this amounts to artist development, something which is increasingly expected to be self-facilitated. With your help, we can facilitate our own development, and take this thing to the next level!

A lot of business talk there, but I want you to know this really means more than anything to us, so if you're interested, cool! And if you're interested and willing to pledge some cash, well that is ice cold

When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail...

...Full Biography:

Cavey is a band fronted by guitarist and singer/songwriter, Luke Cave. Luke arrived in London 4 years ago as singer/guitarist of hard rock duo in RAD FRU, who enjoyed brief success with airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 6 music. Subsequently, both members were recruited to join FAMY songwriter Bruce O Yates for his country influenced solo album HOMER (Produced by Charlie Andrew). After a year of working as a carer, another as an SEN teaching assistant, all the while playing shows with Bruce, Luke honed his songwriting, producing thoughtful, complex pieces. Some of these were adapted by Bruce O Yates, and others, following the dissolution of Bruce’s band became the basis on which Cavey was formed. After a year in which Cavey self released one EP and one single, a year where the realities of starting a music career from scratch became clear, Luke has compiled a cohesive diary of songs in an effort to come to terms with the conflicting personas of person and performer, the abstract idea of success, and the tumultuous nature of a life trying to entertain people. 

The band also consists of drummer Adrian Ortman, pianist Alex Chalstrey, and double bassist Refa Wang. Three busy, professional musos swinging Jazz BAs on their belts. Their unique sound is a blend of alt-rock and jazz, and uses theatrical cues to enhance and subvert morbid subject matters.

Cavey’s vocals range from an almost-spoken croon reminiscent of Lou Reed and Lenard Cohen, to a soaring rock tenor a la Jeff Buckley, and the sinister themes disclosed in the lyrics follow suit.


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Live show, Imperial Bundle, Cavey Life-Timer Award

We'll come to your venue and play a 45 minute set. Anywhere from your local pub, to your garden or living room. You'll receive an Imperial Bundle, and ceremonial presentation of the 'Cavey Life-Timer Award' on stage at the show. This includes hard copies of our future discography, guest list to shows wherever possible, a terrible engraved trophy, flowers and a heartfelt thank-you note. (Travel expenses, PA and sound engineer must be provided.)

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