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Caventou integrates solar technology naturally into our daily lives and turns everyday objects into independent power sources.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £1,519 with 17 supporters in 99 days

In just one hour, the sun provides enough energy to supply the world’s electricity for an entire year.

So why are we only using a fraction of this naturally abundant resource?

Our climate is changing and resources are running out. We need to radically rethink our relationship with energy.  At Caventou, we put objects to work by giving them extra functions; we integrate solar technology naturally into our daily lives. Inspired by nature’s alchemical process, we turn everyday objects into independent power sources.


Currrent Table

Caventou is named after the French scientist who co-discovered chlorophyll – the green plant pigment powering photosynthesis. 200 years later, we are applying the same principles to create functional, award-winning, living objects: 'Current Table', a table with integrated solar cells, and 'Current Window', a modern version of stained glass, both generate their own electricity.


Current Window

We use Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, a 3rd generation solar technology that uses the properties of colour, mimicing photosynthesis, to create a current. As the technology matures they are expected to compete with traditional cells in terms of efficiency and price.

The cells are so light-sensitive they even work in diffuse light, making them ideal for less sunny places (like Britain) and - for the first time ever - they can harvest energy indoors.

Our functional living objects are intelligent too and show how they work best: by reading light intensity they reveal optimal light conditions to the user, how much energy they are harvesting, and how much energy they have stored.


 Current Table

Now we are working on the production run of Current Table 2.0. All our resources are being channeled into research and development. In the future, we imagine integrated self-sustaining systems of electronics that are both aesthetic and functional. And there is demand: only three days after launching our new website, we received 15 pre-orders, and since then numbers have only gone up.

The plan is to sell directly to end consumers interested in design, technology and sustainability both online and offline (B2C). We are also targeting, co-working spaces, retailers, lifestyle design businesses, architects, property developers and hospitality groups (B2B).


USB-charging ports

As a hardware startup, bringing our vision to market with limited resources is challenging.

Pitch2rich comes at a perfect time: with your help we will launch the new version of our table in August, gain exposure and build brand awareness. The money we raise from our Crowd Funder campaign will go towards manufacturing development and marketing for the launch of Current Table 2.0.

In terms of sustainability, we believe collective success will come not purely from technological advances but also innovative applications that apply a human-centered approach.

Please support us on this journey and help make our future vision a reality.

Caventou. Bringing solar technology naturally into everyday life.

The Caventou Team

Marjan van Aubel  // Founder // Creative Director

Peter Krige // Co-founder // Technology Director

Samira Ann Qassim //Co-founder // Business Director


Current Window in Soho

Caventou was founded by Marjan van Aubel in 2015. An award winning designer of materials and objects whose practice spans the fields of science and chemistry. She is a Design Product graduate of the Royal College of Art (MA). Her work has been exhibited in world class institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London, where she has been nominated for the Design of the Year Awards twice; in 2013 and 2015. Her work is in the permanent collection of The Vitra Design Museum, Museum of Modern Art Montreal, and MoMA New York.

Peter is a Royal College of Art alumni, a graduate of the Innovation Design Engineering course (MA+MSC). He designs and implements cutting edge projects with a distinct focus on the human centered use of technology. From solar lighting systems in Mali, West Africa, to intuitive navigation devices for urban cyclists, Peter has worked on some of the most exciting hardware technology products happening in London. In 2014 he helped develop Bare Conductive’s innovative product Touch Board, which was nominated for a Brit Design of the Year. Peter is leading Caventou’s tech and inventing completely new user experiences.

Samira is a strategist. A St Andrews graduate, she has a degree in Modern History and Philosophy (MA). She earned her stripes at the global marketing and brand design firm, Siegel+Gale. Her first winning pitch was for Fabergé. From the World Health Organisation to Sovereign Wealth Funds and e-commerce start ups, she has experience writing, planning and operationalising growth strategies for companies big and small. Satiating her entrepreneurial bug, she launched a start-up offer for innovative young companies. It wasn’t enough, she decided to chase her dreams instead, turning great ideas into great companies. Specifically, awe-inspiring design-led technology hardware. Hello Caventou.

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