Catherine's 7 day sailing voyage for veterans

Catherine's 7 day sailing voyage for veterans

Providing a holiday of a lifetime for injured ex-service men and women.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, My name's Catherine Whiteley and I'm a 17 year old student who has been offered the opurtunity to  provide ex-service-men and women with a holiday of a lifetime. I am working with a charity called the Jubilee Sailing trust who offer fun, carefree holidays to those who without help woudl never have the chance.

During my trip I'll be closely working with injured veterans, making sure that their trip is as enjoyable as possible. The plan is to spend 7 days on a JST tall ship travelling around the Canary islands this New year, however to faciliate this I must raise £1500 which includes the flight and the voyage. A sum which is proving impossible to raise!

Thankyou very much for reading my story and I would very grateful if you vould support me in any way possible :)