Cathedral Studios & Rehearsal Rooms

Cathedral Studios & Rehearsal Rooms

Hi Im opening some well equipped rehearsal rooms in Blackburn, with the first room fully equipped and ready for use, help needed to expand:)

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £175 with 5 supporters in 56 days


If you're a musician, thinking of becoming one, or like live music, please help me to create an opportunity for musicians to rehearse, write and record in a friendly, safe, dry/warm and quality environment. All without the hassle of transporting/setting up equipment before being able to get down to fun bit - playing.  

I am already working with Blackburn College to offer work placements to students with discounted rates for rehearsal room hire - the benefit being that all anyone needs is a guitar and a pair of drumsticks to start a band - the rest is all here and ready for hire / use.    

From here, I am looking to encourage the development of a vibrant local music scene via a not for profit business in the heart of Blackburn Town Centre, with progression into live sound / PA and backline equipment hire / unsigned band showcases etc. - and this is where I need your help... - to get off to a great start!!

I've secured a lease to set up 4 fully equipped and managed music rehearsal rooms / studios in central Blackburn, Lancashire, perfectly located in the heart of the newly renovated Blackburn town centre, next to the Cathedral, 200 meters from the train and bus station with free parking across the road.  

At the moment, I have managed to get Studio 1 renovated and fully equipped (which is the smallest of the available spaces) as shown above (more photos of Studio 1 also available on Facebook under Cathedral Studios).  The second room is already well underway with expansion into rooms 3 and 4 planned once studios 1 & 2 are up and running.  


If you're looking at this, and you're in the local area you'll no doubt be aware of the lack of rehearsal spaces and infrastructure for the local band scene in Lancashire. I am confident this much needed infrastructure starts with a place people can turn up, plug in, turn on and turn up the volume as loud as you like! ;).  This project is aimed at all musicians of all ages and abilities - if you're currently a bedroom warrior, or you've just bought your son or daughter a musical instrument, this would be the ideal place to let rip, whilst meeting similarly minded people, without upsetting the neighbours! Also, if you're a seasoned veteran, you'll find that the services/facilities on offer, the quality of the environment and friendly atmosphere will be right up your street!


In the same building, we also have a professional drum tutor with over 20 years experience, literally just up the stairway. As most of you in the area probably know, Blackburn also has a newly renovated music store with the largest guitar wall in Europe, along with a newly created music tuition business covering all instruments.  I am looking to work in conjunction with and build upon these local services and businesses to create a much needed local music scene - to benefit people of all ages.   


*Studio 1 Current Equipment List Below (already set up and due to open in March)

Mapex Saturn Drum kit / Sabian Cymbals / Pearl and Mapex Hardware

Bass Rig - Ashdown Rootmaster 420w + 2x10" + 1x15" Speakers

Guitar Rig 1 - Marshall AVT 2000 Amp (150w + FX) / Marshall JCM900 1960A 4x12" Cab (Celestion G12T-75 Speakers)

Guitar Rig 2 -  Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50w All Valve combo

PA - Mackie SA1521 1000w Active Speakers / Soundcraft Mixer with Lexicon 24 bit digital FX

Vocal Mics - Shure Beta58a / Sennheiser e845


*Studio 2 Current Equipment List - Your help is realy needed to get this one equipped and finished!

Mapex Saturn Drum Kit + Mapex Hardware

Marshall 4x12" guitar speaker....

-----Thats it for studio 2 so far------


The plan is to use any crowdfunding pledges to cover initial business opening costs (insurances / PAT tests etc ) and help towards equipping studio 2 as much as possible. Any help is really appreciated and if anyone wants to come down and have a look, (please see the facebook site, just search for 'Cathedral Studios & Rehearsal Rooms' and my contact details are there) please give me a call and id be more than happy to show you around!  :) 


It'd be great to hear from you!

Thanks for looking this far and all the best,


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