Cathar Culture Exhibition in Glastonbury

"THE CATHARS: PAST TO PRESENT". Exhibition of the modern Cathar Culture and Spirituality in Glastonbury, Somerset in May-September 2016.

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"The Cathar Temple of Albion" (London, UK) in collaboration with "La Asociación por el Estudio de la Cultura Cátara" (Spain) and "Bogumilski Centar Zagreb" (Croatia) organizes a summer Exhibition of contemporary Cathar culture and spirituality, called "THE CATHARS: PAST TO PRESENT" which will be displayed in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK from May-September 2016.


The aim of this exhibition is to share the unique Cathar Spirit which survived for centuries within the folk culture and verbal spiritual tradition of hidden  movements in France, Spain, Italy, and the Balkans.

(Photo: Cathar Exhibition in Spain)


The Exhibition will include:

  • A permanent display of Cathar culture (art, sculpture, crafts, and clothing)
  • Regular seminars on Cathar spirituality, history, philosophy, and anthropology
  • Workshops on the Cathar spiritual practice of meditation, ablutions in holy wells, breathing and movement prayer, catharsis, and Consolamentum
  • Unique books about Catharism
  • Documentaries about the medieval and modern day Cathar movements
  • Performances by the Cathar School of Music

(Photo: Cathar Centre in Valencia, Spain)

Seminar at the Cathar Castle

(Photos: Cathar Exhibition, Seminar and Concert in Spain)



One of the main Cathar principles is to serve people selflessly. For this reason, it is crucial for us to involve as many people as possible into organizing and funding this event, so that it will be absolutely free to all attendees.

Costs of the project:

  1. Venue for the Exhibition. We need premises in Glastonbury. During the high season it may cost up to £700/month (incl. bills) for a convenient space. For 4 months (May-September) it will cost about £2800.
  2. Printing of roller banners (4 pcs x £100), wall banners (4 pcs x £35, 1pc x £65). In total - £605. Usually, we print at whose quality is good.
  3. Printing of the Exhibition leaflet designed by The Cathar Temple: £400 for 2000 copies. It can be done at or similar.
  4. Delivery of the Exposition showpieces from Spain and Croatia (unique Cathar crosses, rods, statues, chalices, books, ritual and civil garments and other relics). It will cost about £200 if taken with extra hold luggage by plane.
  5. Flights for the organizers and guest speakers (~£300).

Altogether (inc. 6% fee) is £4580.

(Photos: Cathar castle of Montsegur, France)


The project is presented by "The Cathar Temple of Albion", a Charity based in London, and part of an international Cathar movement, in collaboration with "La Asociación por el Estudio de la Cultura Cátara" (Spain) and "Bogumilski Centar Zagreb" (Croatia).

The famous European Cathar movement is of great interest to a wide audience ranging from atheist scientists to those who are endeavouring to solve their inner problems with spirituality. We can boldly call Catharism a phenomenon of our time. 

Paradoxically, there is practically no objective information about Cathars. Everything that comes to light is from inquisitors, the direct enemies of medieval Cathars. Nevertheless, the last Cathar Parfait, Guillaume Belibaste’s prophecy: "At the end of seven hundred years the laurel will become green again" is being fulfilled now, and priceless Cathar treasure is being returned to mankind in spite of any attempts to forbid or invert it. Our Exhibition is designed to shed light on true Cathar heritage and share it with the people of Great Britain.

You are very welcome to support and join us!

Cathar community in Valencia, Spain 

(Photo: Cathar community in Valencia, Spain)


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