Help me catch the Peadophile who groomed my child

by Chris Edwards in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Help me catch the Peadophile who groomed my child
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To bring the child groomer who groomed our 11 yr old daughter for pictures on social media to justice

by Chris Edwards in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for having the time to come and support me in what I’m trying to get help for I’m sure most of you will agree what I am doing is correct and you would indeed do the same, others just give me the advice to leave to the police but that’s something I can’t do as in the past have lost faith in the police , I’m sure you would indeed do this if your daughter had been groomed online, please read my story so I can explain , a little over three weeks ago we had a knock at our door it was the local police from a specialist team who deals with online grooming  , we let them in and they asked us to sit down and explained to me and my wife that a social media platform I cannot mention here,  had intercepted some indecent images on social media messages of our daughter who is 11 years old and the social media platform gad contacted the police here in uk, she had been  groomed on social media for for a while by this person and she had been forced to send sensitive images to him who obviously was an adult male and had scared her into sending images over to himself he is believed to be an adult ,she hadn’t told anyone as she was so scared of what he would do, she no longer felt safe, he had sent her obscene and sexually abusive images which has shadowed my daughters childhood to say the least !, we were sickened and shocked to be honest I was so angry and wanted them to find him and bring him to me , I gave the police my daughters phone for forensic analysis immediately but it’s still in the queue to be looked at ! and my daughter gave them all the information she could I also noted this down and now the police are still looking into it and it’s in a queue, so I began doing my own investigation into the individual as if it kills me to the day I die I will protect my daughter and I will find this individual and see him put in prison for what he has done to my daughter and her privacy and psychologically put her through ,I started my investigation online as I’m good at online investigating and have done it before whilst searching for my long lost family, I started tracing footprints from profiles etc and then into tracers etc until after a week I came up with an ip which was a masked ip obviously as Gmail mask the original one from senders but it gave me a start , I then found an email address linked to the account the messages were coming from and reluctantly without saying anything I wanted to really say , emailed the email address with a query on something I noticed online they are selling and to my surprise the individual emailed back and with them emailing back I was able to get the ip address of them and a partial name from headers  , this has taken me weeks but due to me being good on computers I am now needing to continue my investigation and actually go to the USA from uk and continue from there to continue , I know where I’m going next and what the next step is but the only problem I now have is I cannot afford to do this , and with the thought of how many other young children this person could be in contact with right now asking them for indecent images and putting them in the same position as my daughter its important he is stopped and stopped in the right way and put in prison as soon as possible, people think I will attack him I won’t and have no intention of getting into trouble and getting put into prison for assault then he will get away with it, no I will have him arrested and he will go to prison I’m sure once individuals in prison find out why he’s there he will get what he deserves so ill win both ways, but without money I can’t do any more as I have hit the wall, I need to raise around £4000 to pay for my flights and around 8 weeks stay and costs etc and any money left over I will donate to NSPCC charity on my return to uk, this person whoever he is, is within my reach , I’ve done more than the police and they have the phone to work with ! , I know what area to go to and who to look for and once located I will go to the local police over there with all the details and uk crime number so they can get in touch with police in uk, I am setting this up in order to raise funds as quickly as possible to get there and find this person before he does this again and again to other innocent children , and ruins more kids lives and childhoods, I hope there some huge hearted people out there that are willing to help as I have no other way of raising any money to go, I haven’t listed exactly where it is for the reason of this person being scared off in case just in case he gets to see any of this , I need him to be caught and I plan to catch him and hand him over to the correct authorities love to have my five minutes first when I find him but it’s not the way it will be done correctly, any help will be appreciated , and thanks very much for having the time to read this it means a lot to me and my family to have your support , I just need to keep myself together as losing it now will put everything in jeopardy , I will keep you all updated here and by video diary as often as possible once I have raised the funds and left for USA.

Chris Johnson.

Thank you all so very much I hope I can do this there are some very sick people out there and when it happens to your own child it rips you apart, he will be caught and will spend a long time behind bars.

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