Catchin' The Commitments

Catchin' The Commitments

Raising money for the world-renowned Irish soul band to perform at a fundraising event for Cancer Research UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I remember when I was growing up, my Dad would always be the person to introduce me to new things. Brilliant films like, 'Blazing Saddles' and 'Blues Brothers'. Artists such as Johnny Cash and Jools Holland, even rugby teams! So when I saw 'The Commitments' film, I was so excited to share my new finding with him, as I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. He must have known about it already but he let me have my moment. I was so chuffed. I remember watching it with him and just loving every moment. I would sing along to the songs. I already knew all of the words! When I found out that some of the original cast members had started a band, I was so desperate for them to come to Wales. When I was fifteen years old, my Dad was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and within weeks, he sadly passed away. 

The time came when  I could finally see the band live and although I was so excited about the thought of seeing a band that I'd admired for years live, I was also sad that my Dad couldn't share the experience with me.

Roll forward to the summer of 2016 and they had announced that they were coming to my hometown. I, of course, went to see them. It really was the best night ever! I particularly noticed how much people were enjoying themselves and it got me thinking.

I would really love to put on a fundraising event for a very special charity, called Cancer Research. My main aim, other than to raise money, is to create a night where people can come to have a great time, and to essentially, put the "fun" into fundraising.  As a young girl, losing her parent,  I know that if I'd had a night like this, then it would have helped immensely. I would love it to be a chance for family and friends of patients to get away for a couple of hours, and have the opportunity to enjoy themselves, which I know from personal experience, would be very well appreciated.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the band, a couple of times, and not only are they extremely talented individuals, but they're also the most friendly and heart-warming people you could ever wish to meet. When I contacted them with this idea, I never thought that they'd reply, never mind say yes! Amazingly, they did. I also have a wonderful venue lined up, The Globe, in Cardiff, so all I need is the funds to make these arrangements concrete. Therefore, the money that is raised on the night will go to the charity, and only the charity.

If I could raise the money, then that would mean more than the world to me, and it would help fund research so that this awful disease can be stopped in it's tracks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! :)

Ride, Sally Ride!!