To the End of the World!

by Cat Loud in Glasgow, City of Glasgow, Scotland

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A new gig-theatre cabaret show from Scottish performer Cat Loud, premiering in 2018.

by Cat Loud in Glasgow, City of Glasgow, Scotland

New stretch target

If I end up extending my target, WOW. Thank you. 

This extra money with help towards general transport and accommodation costs for myself and my team during the run of the show in London, and give me a head start when it comes to funding a run of the show I've got plans for back home in Scotland...

I'd like to propose a toast.

Here's to the apocalypse.

Because if the end is nigh, I need to wear my Sunday best and get a few things off my chest.

To the End of the World! is a new gig-theatre cabaret from me, your (new) favourite wayward girl Cat Loud, premiering 2018. "What is gig-theatre cabaret?" I hear you ask? Well, that's a very good question. I've been performing what I call cabaret for three years - writing, producing and directing my own shows which sit somewhere between storytelling, humorous and intimate oversharing, and plenty of singing. "Gig-theatre cabaret" feels a little closer to the truth. 

I'll be premiering this new show at a prestigious festival in London that showcases some of the most exciting new work around; work that goes on to find big audiences at other internationally-renowned arts festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe being one of them.  It is such an honour to be invited back, and with something brand spanking new.  

My last show, presented at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of The Blueswater's ambitious programme of shows, received some generous praise. I like  to parade this praise around, proving to the world and more importantly to myself that I can't be that bad after all.

But festivals ain't cheap.

I'm attempting to raise £1000 to cover some of the costs of producing a show like this.  I have big ideas that require ample purse strings. But while some things will stay pipe dreams until I can have a Bette Midler budget, it would make the world of difference if I can raise enough to cover the cost of a few major things I'd need to get organised as soon as possible.

  • £200 will help towards getting gorgeous posters and flyers printed and distributed around London toot sweet.
  • With £100 I can buy some time in quality, dedicated rehearsal space in London.
  • £400+ will get the tracks I recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe out into the world on a new CD.  I love my previous show, and would love for it to be immortalised and shared!
  • If I raise upwards of the target, anything can happen

But, I'm not asking for donations OH NO.  I have a wide and accessible (that's what she said #1) range of rewards that include a homemade calendar, a personal video message and 2for1 tickets to the London show, or to upcoming dates in Scotland TBC . You can also pre-order the new CD if you'd like! 

Have a look in my virtual shop and see what you'd like to stick in your basket (that's what she said #2). 

Even if you can't contribute cold hard cash, sharing this crowdfunder would be amazing. 

I'll be announcing the festival and performance dates soon, so please keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter or join my newsletter!

Thank you for being here. I'll see you soon.


Photography and trailer by Snookie Mono

"Feeling Good" by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse


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I WANT TO YELL INTO THE VOID HOW AMAZING YOU ARE. You'll get 2for1 tickets to the London show on a date of your choice (or redeemable tickets to upcoming Scottish dates!) PLUS a *very* homemade 2018 Cat Loud calendar, delivered before January! + Live in Edinburgh CD and MP3s + a video message + a shout out THANK YOU!

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ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS. AMAZING. You'll be *credited as an Associate Producer of the show* in the programme and online + 2for1 tickets to London show or TBC Scottish performance dates + *exclusive* calendar (fancy) + Live in Edinburgh CD and MP3s + a video message + a shout out THANK YOU! Thank you. Really, thank you.

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