Cat has to have leg amputated

by Cleocatra in Kettering, England, United Kingdom

Cat has to have leg amputated


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by Cleocatra in Kettering, England, United Kingdom

Help save Cleocatra’s leg.

Cleo is 12 months old, his mother died when he was less than a week old and was hand reared by his owner. We bought him at 8 weeks old, he was a grubby, flea infested kitten. We have looked after him and loved him ever since.

He has damaged his right hind leg, by jumping and getting caught on some wire. He has severe open wounds in his leg, that require the dressings changed every two days, at a cost of £140 per visit, as he needs to be sedated. This could go on for 6 weeks or more. That’s over £2,500. His first operation to clean the wounds and follow up appointments has already cost £750.

We may even have to consider having his leg amputated , because that might be better for him in the long run, but that will still cost about £1000, plus follow up visits. Either option is expensive, please help if you can. Sadly Cleocatra isn’t insured. We really don’t want to take the cheap way out, which is to have him euthanised. 

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