Cat Cafe Coming to York

Project by nikkipoppins

To set up a cat cafe in York benefiting local rescue and adoption charities as well as providing access to the therapeutic benefit of cats!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim of my project is to set up a cat cafe in York, benefiting local rescue and adoption charities as well as providing access to the therapeutic benefit of cats!  Cat cafes started life in the Far East and can now be found in locations across the world, including California, Melbourne and London.  If just 250 backers agree to visit with their friends and family for Afternoon Tea, the Cat Cafe will come to York.

Customers visiting our cafe will pay a cover charge that will go towards the welfare of the cats.  The cafe will then offer a range of food and drink options including tea, coffee, fruit juices, cakes, sandwiches etc.   Resident and visiting cat lovers can come and enjoy quality time with the cats and access the therapeutic benefits of stroking cats, including stress relief, reducing loneliness and helping with depression.

We intend to work with local rescue charities to provide foster homes, particularly for cats that have been in rescue centre for a long time (known as 'sticky cats').  The cats in the cafe would then be available for adoption.  The cafe would also provide volunteer opportunities for cat carers. They would introduce guests to the cats, explain their likes and dislikes, educate and raise awareness about cat adoption and promote the work of the rescue centre.  We also intend that within 2 years we will provide at least one hospitality/catering job opportunity

The proposed premises is on street that links Shambles to Colliergate.  We feel that this is ideal for the Cat Cafe as Shambles is the most visited street in Europe , tourism is up 6% in Yorkshire since Tour de France and the proposed premises is on the route of the York Cat Trail (rated 5 star excellent by 79 visitors on Trip Advisor).  Also, The Cat Gallery and York Lucky Cats are complementary businesses (selling cat gifts etc) that are established nearby.  

Any contributions will be gratefully received and Crowdfunders can expect exclusive offers as well as their initial rewards. We would also appreciate offers of help from any backers that can contribute their expertise, time or anything else that may be of help.  Many thanks for reading.

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