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by Casual Ballerz CIC in London, England, United Kingdom


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COVID-19 has impacted everyone in many ways. This project is to build resilience and empowerment in young people in London.

by Casual Ballerz CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

Casual Ballerz is a holistic youth development organisation that aims to change the mindset of young people aged 12 - 21 from underserved communities in London. We impact over 100 young people every week with our sessions. Our sessions are tailored to motivate, inspire and build resilience in young people. There are two main ways in which we impact young people, football and life skill advancement. 

Life skills are a major part of our mission as this element is directly targeted toward impacting the mindset and decision making of young people. Within this element of Casual Ballerz our aim is to build successful habits such as time management, resilience, leadership, goal setting and self-reflection. We focus on 7 main life skills; respect, effort, leadership, self-direction, contribution, self - discipline and transference. The Casual Ballerz life skills helps us to impact young people beyond football sessions. 

The other side to Casual Ballerz is the elite football training. We use this as a vehicle and metaphor for life. Training sessions are designed in a way that young people are consistently being challenged for development. Young people are tasked with highly intense challenges to overcome and become successful within each session. We provide the physical and mental map required to be successful on the pitch and reiterate that this is transferable outside sport. Although links to professional football is not a main goal for us, we have found that by consistently delivering high quality football sessions, along with changing the mindset of young people, professional teams have shown strong interest in the players at Casual Ballerz. This adds to the strength and validity of the messages we send to you young people during life skill and football sessions. 

We have had many success stories. Some of the most recent success stories include: 2 young people attending Loughborough and Bath University, 3 young people on trial at Crystal Palace and 1 young person in contact with UCLA about attending their university on a full scholarship. 

We would love to expand our impact through adding sessions, and in some cases, moving session venues to accommodate more young people. Our long term goal is to impact 1000+ young people in London every month through life skill and football delivery. The money we are looking to raise will go toward venue hire 4 days a week in London.

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