Castleton Community Carnival

Castleton Community Carnival set to rise from the ashes once again to put the village back on the map and worth a visit xx

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

2010 saw the last Castleton Carnival held in the village, for many reasons the Carnival hasnt been held since,  In the meantime we lost Woolworths and Whip & Bourne who played a big part in the carnival and the Community became like a ghost town.

Since then regeneration has begun with new houses being built on the old Whip & Bourne site with Tetrosyl taking resident on the old Woolworths site, this is bringing new jobs and footfall to the area, local counsellors Billy Sheerin and Jean Hornby have worked hard to upgrate the train station and fought hard to get christmas lights up, parking restrictions overturned as well as many many other things which include helping to get the Old Carnegie building back to its former self, all this is to help the village more appealing.

Castleton is slowing becoming a community once again, it recently held a Maypole dance on the village green bringing residents to the streets and having fun.

There have been many shops come and go due to lack of footfall but having counted the amount of shop fronts, totalling appoximatley 70, there is no need really to head out of the village for shopping, there is still many shops empty and it would be such a boost if some of the larger companies invested in the area, however, this remains to be seen.

Castleton has fantastic links to Manchester having a direct bus and train link, so it is so easy for people to come and vist, we also have the Rochdale Canal running through the village bringing visitors from afar and wide on their boats.

Because of the regeneration going on, the local businesses have come together and decided to try and get the community back on the map, one idea currently becoming a reality is The Castleton Eye, this is a booklet with all the businesses in the area and details of any events that may be upcoming, this will be distributed to all the houses, Castleton Eye also hosts a facebook page and a website is currently under construction.

The biggest and most challenging idea is to raise the Carnival back from the ashes, we like to go big !! Many of the bigger companies in the area such as James Nuttall, Team Karting, Hanson Springs are on board to help out as are all the local small businesses, we have local community groups such as cubs, scouts, guides on board but this dream cannot become a reality until the red tape has been cut.

The application to hold the carnival is underway but a lot of information needs to be collated and sent with the application but we have a dedicated team working on this tirelessly, to get the carnival up and running comes with a price and its a hefty price, the road closure could cost up to £800 with insurance costs upto £500, first aiders and stewards need to be in place and all this costs money.

But not to be defeated, we have fundraising events in the pipeline with the first being Mightybite Cafe Cake Bonanza being held on the 28th September 2016, we are also having a possible duck race on the canal along with a mini cruise experience, we are in the process of putting collection buckets in shops and we have set this crowdfunding page up.

A radio station has also approached us to help with our plea and should be aired in the not too distant future.

So please please please if you can spare any cash it would be greatly appreciated, this is a once only plea as once we have the agreement in place we wont need set up costs again.

Hopefully June 2017 will bring some much needed community spirit and laughter and we can finally say Castleton is back.

Thankyou xx