Cassia: Cafe, Co-working & Cocktails

by Cassia: Co-working cafe in Bath, England, United Kingdom


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Help Cassia get established as a Café and Co-working space in Bath.

by Cassia: Co-working cafe in Bath, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The Vision

Our vision is for a space that combines the best elements of cafés and co-working spaces.  We want people living in and around Bath to know that if they come to Cassia they'll get a friendly welcome, great coffee and cake, a delicious (and plant-focused menu) and the chance to either work informally in our café or work quietly for the day by hiring a desk.

Cassia will also be an ethical company, putting three key values into practice every day:

Community: supporting local charities in Bath on an ongoing basis, including giving Cassia’s staff up to two paid days per year to work for local good causes

Sustainability: wherever possible we will buy locally and ethically; we will ensure that all our disposable products are recycled and biodegradable; we will offer a plant-focused menu because we believe that a move towards more plants and less meat in our diets helps the environment

Excellence in employment: Cassia pays the LIVING wage as a minimum to all our staff, and they keep their tips; we also pay extremely well for overtime and we encourage feedback from staff on how the business is running and try where possible to act on their feedback

Our Team

The team behind Cassia is Anna Sabine and Tom Graham.  Tom is super experienced in the hospitality industry, most recently working as General Manager at The Bunch of Grapes in Bradford on Avon where he's developed quite the reputation for his service, coffee and cocktail-making skills.

Anna has been running a PR firm for 10 years, and having seen hers and other companies make the decision to go office-less post-Covid, she saw a gap in the market for somewhere people can work but which isn't a soulless desk rental space.  She's bringing her business acumen to the project and is scared about learning to work the coffee machine.

The Crowdfunding

Starting a business is scary and requires a lot more money than you'd like to think! We hope that lots of people might support us by "buying ahead" and helping us to get some cash in at the time we most need it - the start!  We'd also love it if our Crowdfunders could help to spread the word among their friends, family and co-workers, including on social media, to get the buzz going that will help us off to a great start.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

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£200 for Twenty Days of hotdesking

Worth £300, and only available via Crowdfunding, this option lets you buy 20 days of hotdesking at a 1/3 discount and use it up over the year. Lasts for a year from your first trip. Snap it up!

£5 or more

£5 Coffee & Cake

Come and join us at Cassia for a delicious coffee and cake next to the River Avon.

£25 or more

£25 Cocktails for Two

Join us at Cassia for two delicious cocktails per person. (Recipients must be over 18).

£30 or more

£30 Bottle of house wine and Tapas for Two

Cassia will be supplied by the fabulous Wolf Wines in Bath and Cru Wines in Bradford on Avon. Choose a bottle of house wine and enjoy it with some of our tapas, either in our cafe/bar on on our terrace, weather permitting!

£40 or more

£40 Lazy lunch for Two

Come and have lunch on us, including a main meal from our amazing chef, soft drink, cake, and a freshly made coffee.

£100 or more

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Ten days of hotdesking

Worth £125, and only available via Crowdfunding, this option lets you buy 10 days of hotdesking at a discount and use it up over the year. Lasts for a year from your first trip. Snap it up!

£125 or more

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£125 Couples Masterclass

Chance for a couple to learn to make (and enjoy!) three cocktails with Tom over 90 mins.

£300 or more

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£300 Cocktail Masterclass with Tom

A chance for up to six people to come and spend a few hours learning how to make cocktails with the excellent Tom. Three cocktails per person included. Requires booking in advance.

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