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by Alena Rogozhkina in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Our passion is to help people across the globe to have happier and more meaningful working lives.

by Alena Rogozhkina in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

12th place in the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Challenge

CASPER: An intelligent, human-friendly digital wellbeing tool for better and more meaningful working lives. 


The unique thing about CASPER is that it can provide curious insights about everyday behaviours, emotions, and productivity for both individuals and company leaders. It works incredibly simply by sending employees daily digital micro diaries for 1 week four times a year. Each micro diary takes less than 2 minutes to complete. The idea behind this is to have regular mental wellbeing temperature checks the same way we check our physical health. Once the diaries are completed, we can fully analyse the data collected. 

For individuals, CASPER is an opportunity to detect real challenges that might limit you to having a better and more productive day. 

For example, CASPER can help you to understand better why YOU:

  • Procrastinate
  • Have a lack of motivation
  • Find it difficult to stay focused on a task
  • Are easily irritated
  • Lose energy


CASPER can also equip you with science-backed and easy to implement techniques to help you to improve your own mental wellbeing that we have crafted together with our well-regarded wellbeing experts. The daily practical tools and strategies shared by the experts are designed in an interactive video format to help you cope with: 

  • Understanding and regulating your emotions
  • Enhancing your productivity 
  • Factors affecting sleep quality  
  • Navigating relationships
  • Social isolation 
  • Personal performance when working remotely. 

The main benefit of CASPER for caring leaders is that we collect fully anonymous real-time data measuring the current level of mental wellbeing and productivity in your organisation. 

We also provide a bespoke action plan driven by evidence-based suggestions to inform an efficient wellbeing strategy and navigate you to make rational decisions quickly in these uncertain times. 

Why do we need your support? 

We started our project over 2 years ago with no funding or savings. Bootstrapping the project and accessing small funding opportunities meant we were able to win several awards and develop a beta version of CASPER. 


As a true R&D project, it requires plenty of time and resources. We have completed our first trial with R&W Scott, a Scottish food manufacturing company where we demonstrated insightful results to the company leaders that informed their people strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

1598917539_screenshot_2020-09-01_at_00.44.26.pngOur major goal is to develop an ethical, scientifically validated solution that can address real mental wellbeing challenges up to an acceptable standard, where we need to effectively test and deploy CASPER with several thousand users. But to get to that stage, we need YOUR support

If we reach our target of £30,000, we will be able to:

  • Bring our research team fully on board
  • Build a new website and improve branding
  • Launch CASPER by 2021

We are also very excited to share with you our social mission 'The Internpledge'. From every paid trial of CASPER we will donate funds to the University of Stirling to sponsor an internship for students and recent graduates. 

They will have a chance to be placed at innovative Scottish start-ups to gain valuable work experience that will enhance their employability and inform their future aspirations. For early-stage purpose-driven start-ups that operate with extremely scarce resources trying to make their ventures happen, this will increase their chances of survival. 

If you support our project, you will also contribute to the economic recovery of the whole country as we build back after the pandemic. The power of a community wellbeing approach is vital when resources are reallocated to where they are most needed for smart collaborations to accelerate the innovative response. We believe harnessing this collective effort will pave the way to transform this global crisis into a lifetime opportunity!  

And Finally

Although our enthusiasm for CASPER and the Happiness at Work Project is endless, it is also quite a challenging journey. Sometimes we doubt nothing else but ourselves. We believe that winning this crowdfunding campaign would nourish our confidence, boost the team spirit, and help us to keep going with the passion to improve the quality of ordinary working lives across the globe no matter what the New Normal will bring... 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. If you cannot identify with any of the categories but believe in the initiative and want to contribute to the happiness at work project, you can select your category purely by its value!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£499 or more

#EIE20 - the day of wonders pledge

We designed this pledge specifically for attendees of the EIE-20 who are inspired by our project and would love to donate a bit of cash for us to make our vision a reality. Helping our project at this interesting but full of challenges time you will contribute to wider community support. We are an early-stage mission-driven R&D project but we do our best to help UK citizens, SMEs, students, and recent graduates to create a better future.

£10 or more

Students & Recent Graduates

We are aware that graduating in 2020-2021 is a real challenge and we would like to support you. In return for your kind contribution, we would like to help with an opportunity to be noticed by potential employers. Each pledger will be entered into a raffle for a chance to have their CV featured via our social media channels. We will randomly select 12 students and recent graduates during Oct-Dec 2020 to increase their employment potential.

£20 or more

Emerging Entrepreneurs

We have learned a lot throughout this exciting but often challenging journey. Pledge what you can and we will reward you with an invitation to an informal online masterclass to share what we learned, including insightful hacks to prepare you for funding competitions from someone who has been there, done that, and got a t-shirt.

£30 or more

Friends & Family (Good Samaritans)

Thank you so much for your unstoppable belief and for investing in our passion to make a difference. Every contribution will bring us closer to our Dream Launch. Some people would argue that they can get a nice dinner instead. We have a creative alternative solution. If we reach our goal, you will receive an exclusive link to watch our team happy dance. We hope this would be an enjoyable calorific supplement :) And we also promise to cook a meal!

£50 or more

Individuals with a passion for community wellbeing

Our passion is to help as many people as we can to have better working lives. At this time it is more important than ever to look after your mental health and wellbeing. Working from home and being isolated bring more challenges to keep well and stay productive. Pledge £50 today and we'll reward you with a ticket to attend our online 5-hours course 'Making the New Normal work' covering procrastination, emotions, energy, and more (worth £105).

£2,500 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Purpose driven organisations

Pledge £2500 today and we'll reward you with CASPER annual license for 6 months (worth £5000) to measure the current level of employee wellbeing and productivity. This would cover up to 500 users (employees). These powerful insights will equip you with an efficient wellbeing strategy and a powerful action plan for 2 quarters to support your team the way they need at this interesting time transitioning to the New Normal.

£5,000 or more

0 of 6 claimed

Purpose-driven organisations

Pledge £5000 today and we'll reward you with CASPER annual license for 12 months (worth £9500) to measure the current level of employee wellbeing and productivity. This would cover up to 500 users (employees). These powerful insights equip you with an efficient wellbeing strategy and a powerful action plan for 4 quarters to support your team the way they need at this interesting time transitioning to the New Normal.

£9,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Partnership Collaborators

If you are representing an organisation/consultancy specialising in strategic management, change management, sustainability, or mental health services - we can complement your value propositions for clients with powerful insights about mental wellbeing to drive digital transformation. Pledge £9000 today to collaborate on a project where CASPER can be specifically tailored to your needs.

£10,000 or more

Philanthropists inspired by human potential

Pledge us with a 'tenner' if you are a passion to make an impact on a societal level. This early-stage support will help us to accelerate our potential. In return, we will award you an inspiring dinner with our team including senior well-regarded academics to share our latest bold ideas from the science of human behaviour that we plan to turn into reality to make a wider impact on societal wellbeing.

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