Casa das Bolitas & The World Cup 2014 - A Brazilian Match!

To make this delicious Brazilian, ever so popular naturally gluten/wheat/yeast free snack, widely available, as frozen to take home and hot for when you are on the Go.My aim is to increase the number of retailers supplying frozen cheeseballs and create a point of sale kit for on the go snacks,anywhere-cinemas, train stations, convenience stores the World Cup 2014 Kick Start!! Challenging... but definitely possible with help and sweat!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful



         Casa das Bolitas & The World Cup 2014 

                          A Brazilian Match!!

I have been living in England for most of my adult life. I fell in love with Oxfordshire where I have always lived, particularly The Oxford Covered Market where my first and only shop is.

I grew up in Brazil where Bolitas –  that is my own brand really, they are called ‘pao de queijo’ in Brazil – are one of the most popular snacks, so I decided to share our delicious cheeseballs with Great Britain.

I sell them online frozen to take home and as a hot snack... on the go... at the Oxford shop. About that – I started a trial run in February half-term week 2011 to see how it would appeal to the public and I have not stopped since, it has been fantastic to watch people enjoy a small part of my culture- so rewarding!

The past three years have been a brilliant marketing exercise for the brand, I have also listened to my customers and learned that Britain is in need of a tasty gluten,wheat,yeast free hot snack on the go, and also frozen for home.

I built my business from scratch, well.. from my kitchen really, and I am very proud of myself and of my achievements so far. But I have reached a step I am finding very hard to move from without help.

To make our unique Brazilian way of snacking available to all, I have created two projects which I believe is the way forward.

Project 1: More Retailers/ Stockists -To increase availability of frozen Bolitas in local shops/delis/garden centre shops.

Project 2: Hot Snacks Point of Sales – To increase availability of hot Bolitas on the go wherever possible, train stations, convenience stores, cinemas, with a point of sale kit (small hot display cabinet, small oven, merchandise)

I am here to ask your help for project 1 which I believe will lead to the success of project 2, especially if you clever, creative professionals come on board to make it happen, counting on you :)

With Brazil hosting The World Cup and The Olympics (so excited!!), it is the perfect time to make our unique yummy snack widely available so

I have set myself a goal == To increase retailers from 4 to 10 & at least 3 Bolitas point of sale somewhere in UK by the World Cup’s kick start!!


# Finalise packaging, mainly labels

# Marketing materials for retailers

# Finish the Unit/kitchen floor ( one of the legal requirements)

# Time off from the shop, so I can concentrate in finding more retailers ( just one person can run the shop, thinking of 2/3 months)

# Transport/ logistics

# Stock to supply first orders from new retailers

# Professional help going forward ( Have awesome rewards for that )

For that I am asking for your help to raise £4500 which will cover most costs for my project. I would love the support of you lovely people to help spread the word about my Casa das Bolitas and help meet the costs of making a delicious gluten free snack widely available, so it therefore made sense to me to try and seek help through crowdfunding.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my project. I hope I have managed to give you a sense of my passion and excitement. Good ideas and good food should be shared, anywhere in the world.

Enjoy the games with a bowl of yummy Bolitas and a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, in a truely Brazilian style.