Cartoons Against the Badger Cull

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Ethical consumer is raising money to run a cartoon competition and anti-badger cull campaign in 2018.

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Ethical consumer is raising money to run a cartoon competition and anti-badger cull campaign in 2018.  We will use the competition and the winners’ images to increase public awareness in the run up to the cull’s fifth successive year.  By funding this project you will be helping to create pressure to bring an end to the badger cull.  We are suggesting that people should stop buying Red Tractor products until the cull has ended.  We will be asking for cartoonists and designers to help communicate this message.

The Problem

The 2018 badger cull is set to be the bloodiest yet.  Not only have the number of cull zones been significantly increased (from 2 to 21) since the cull started in 2013, but under new guidelines 'Low-Risk Areas'  will now be able to apply to join them.  Farmers are also going to be allowed to trap and shoot badgers, for which they can get paid up to £50 payment .  Badger action groups and campaigners need all the resources they can get to fight to save badgers and increase public awareness about this issue.

So far over 40,000 badgers have been culled.  But despite the staggering number of dead badgers, the problem of bTB in the UK continues to worsen

The Badger Trust reminds everyone that:

  1. Badgers are not to blame. Badgers have been used as a scapegoat and demonized in the media, despite the lack of scientific evidence.
  2. The science doesn’t support the culls: Independent experts and the government’s own research does not support the culls as an effective strategy against bovine TB.
  3. Cattle should be the primary focus: Cattle are the main carriers and transmitters for bovine TB, and we feel that the bovine TB strategy should focus more on cattle and less on badgers.

Ethical Consumer, like many other organisations, scientists and individuals, want to put pressure on the Government and the National Farmers' Union (NFU) to ultimately bring about an end to the badger cull.


The Nations Farmers' Union

The NFU lobbied the Government hard for a badger cull, and in our own research we identified the extent to which the NFU was central to the organisation and registration of the first cull companies. We want to draw public attention to these findings through this cartoon competition.

To do so, we will ask artists to link the Red Tractor certification logo to the badger cull.  This is because the NFU play a pivotal role in the Red Tractor scheme, a logo that is widely recognised by consumers.  We want to inform the public about this connection because we have long believed that a weak-point of the cull is that millions of ordinary consumers are opposed to it and might boycott products linked to it.  Download our full report here.

We think people will be willing to pledge to buy 'no Red Tractor products' until the cull has ended.


The Competition

Ethical Consumer is seeking to expand its work on badgers and run a campaign that raises awareness of the NFU’s involvement in the badger cull in the run-up to the 2018 cull.  We are therefore going to run a cartoon competition encouraging artists to link the image of the Red Tractor to the cull. 

We will seek to form a judging panel of badger campaigners, farmers, cartoonists and representatives from Ethical Consumer to choose the competition winners. The total prize fund for this competition has been set at £2,000. The prize money will be divided amongst up to ten winners as shown below. The winning cartoons will be published in the next issue of Ethical Consumer’s magazine, as well as being used in campaign kits, as rewards to crowdfunding donors, and being made available to other badger campaign groups.

If this Crowdfunder is successful, the competition will start in early July and run for 4 weeks.  We will be accepting submissions from cartoonists and graphic designers around our theme.  We will judge entries in mid August, announcing the winners via social media  by the end of August.  Below are the different prizes that are up for grabs.  So if you know anyone who might be interested in entering, point them in our direction - once the competition has begun you can send submissions to clare[at]

 Place  Prize Money 
 1st  £500 
 2nd  £400 
 3rd  £300 
 4th  £200 
 6 Runners-up  £100 

The Campaign

The power of images in the digital age cannot be overstated. They are able to capture the attention and imagination of the public whilst also condensing and articulating messages in an accessible way. 

We plan to use these images to kick-start further campaign work around the cull; producing campaign resources such as stickers, posters, t-shirts and beer mats from the winning cartoons. As a thank you for your contribution to the campaign you will receive some of these goodies to distribute amongst your friends and in your local area.

The Ask

We need to raise £7,000 to run this competition and subsequent campaign around this year's cull.  Below you can see a detailed breakdown of how we plan to spend this money.  If we are fortunate enough to receive more than our target amount we will invest the money in further campaign resources, staffing and materials to maximise our impact.

 Estimated time           required
 Stage 1: Organising and promoting the cartoon competition£1,500
1 week
Stage 2: Collecting entries and judging£1,000
1 month
Stage 3: The Prize Fund£2,000

 Stage 4: Campaigning using the images£2,000
2 months
Management (10%)£500 
3 months

Stage 1 Organising the competition

Currently we are proposing a £2,000 prize fund which would be divided amongst ten winners (as shown above). We intend to run the competition for 4 weeks to allow time for a decent number of applications to be submitted.

To promote the competition we will work with the established network of organisations who are working to stop the badger cull, as well as our own connections to a number of independent cartoonists through our magazine and social media links.

(Cost: £1,500)

Stage 2 Collecting entries and judging

We will create a web page on our site at to display promising entries and to explain the rules.  Here is an example from our current cartoon gallery.

Once the competition goes live and we have promoted it through the appropriate channels, the next stage of this project will be collating the entries and judging them to find our winners.  We propose a judging panel consisting of badger campaigners, farmers, cartoonists and a representative from Ethical Consumer to choose the winners.

(Cost: £1,000)

Stage 3 Awarding the prizes

As stated above, we propose a prize fund of £2,000, to be distributed amongst one main winner, five runners-up, and five notable entries.  This is with the express aim of engaging more people in the competition and receiving entries of a high quality.  We will be publishing a list of winners and their entries on social media and as an article in the Ethical Consumer magazine.

(Cost: £2,000)

Stage 4 Campaigning

We will to distribute the images entered into our competition to badger protection movements to use as they see fit.   A campaign article will appear in our magazine and on our website explaining the links between the NFU, the badger cull and the Red tractor scheme.  We hope perhaps that some cartoonists will produce graphic images or logos which could be used on stickers or on social media.  We will also ask people to write to the NFU telling them they were supporting the campaign.  The campaign will run the campaign throughout the 2018 cull.

(Cost: £2,000)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Mini Campaign Pack

A mini campaign pack that uses winners' cartoons (badge, beer mat, sticker, flyer)

£15 or more

Small Campaign Pack

A small campaign pack using a variety of winners' cartoons.

£25 or more

Medium Campaign Pack

A medium campaign pack for you and your friends to distribute in your local area.

£50 or more

Medium Campaign Pack and A4 Poster

A medium campaign pack for you and your friends, and an A4 poster of a winners' entry (you can choose).

£75 or more

Medium Campaign Pack and T-Shirt

A medium campaign pack for you and your friends, and an organic printed t-shirt of the winners' cartoon.

£100 or more

Large Campaign Pack and T-shirt

A large campaign pack full of resources for you to distribute in your local area. As well as an organic t-shirt with a print of the winners' cartoon.

£500 or more

Extra Large Campaign Pack

Are you a badger action group? This could be for you. Get a extra large campaign pack full of badges, stickers, flyers, posters and beer mats to help you raise awareness of the badger cull.

Let's make 'Cartoons Against the Badger Cull' happen

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