Car - time for change

by Darren Wilkinson in Womersley, England, United Kingdom

Car - time for change


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Modular car - simple safe non polluting cost effective design made to last and step out of the current trap we are all in.

by Darren Wilkinson in Womersley, England, United Kingdom

It’s time for me to start making my ideas a reality. Cars and buildings have always been my passion. After 25 years of buildings, it’s now time to focus on my other passion. Vehicles. 

Plastic is something we now have. It will never rot away. It can bend an Infinate number of times without breaking. It resists wear.  It resists dents. It is soft and it can be hard. 

My concept of car is modular. If a wheel motor breaks which will be very unlikely then the exchange can be fitted in minutes at low cost. 

Electronic equipment is add-on and independent - self steering, entertainment, navigation. Upgradable and replaceable in minutes. 

Captive water wheel technology for drive and steering as a later development. For now, electric wheels. 

All power sources - electric, combustion and any other source of rotary / linear drive. 

Unbreakable, recyclable, safe for those inside and outside. 

If it can’t be backed and funded by many then it can’t be funded at all. 


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