Carriers for Kos Winter Appeal

Carriers for Kos Winter Appeal

A project dedicated to providing baby carriers and other maternity essentials to refugee families in time for winter.

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £987 with 60 supporters in 28 days

Carriers for Kos (c4K) is an ongoing charity initiative to collect and distribute baby carriers and maternity boxes to families in crisis in the refugee movement. Our aim is to help people who are travelling many uncertain miles with no way of carrying their infants, and families stranded indefinitely in camps with newborns and toddlers. We work closely with Carrying Aid International to make sure our carriers are fitted comfortably and safely when they reach their destinations.

These children are deeply traumatised and the extra security we can provide with a baby carrier is invaluable. Wearing babies also helps establish a strong bond between mothers and their infants which - as well as keeping them warm in the cold European winters - greatly enhances successful breastfeeding. This is an absolute must as formula is not only often unavailable but access to clean water is not always guaranteed.

Over the past year,  since Carriers for Kos was established last September, we have successfully shipped and distributed almost a thousand carriers to families on Samos and Chios, to camps near Athens and to Syria. This has made a real and tangible difference to hundreds of children and their caregivers, given them closeness and security in circumstances that no parent should ever have to endure. We've been able to keep babies safe on difficult  journies and given renewed hope and dignity to families travelling with disabled children.

During this time we have made up and distributed over 200 maternity boxes to women who have been travelling pregnant with no provisions to prepare for the birth of their babies. We have striven to provide warm clothing, nappies, blankets, wipes and maternity pads to attempt to make those hard first few weeks a little easier.

With winter fast approaching we have expanded our collection to include adult winter clothes, sturdy shoes and boots, and waterproof coats. We're aiming to ship to Syria again in late December but are in desperate need of funding. This fundraiser aims to raise enough money to package and ship 250 carriers, to cover costs incurred while collecting and to ensure we can continue our efforts to provide practical essentials for newborn infants and their mothers.

Details of the carrier collection can be found on our facebook page here, which is updated frequently with news of the collections and pictures and videos of donations being distributed. I can also be contacted directly via this link to give the address for carrier and clothing donations.

Thank you for taking the time to read. The refugee crisis is something that concerns us all on a humanitarian, as well as political level. Those babies are born in turmoil and this is a way to help them feel safer in a world that can be so hostile and dangerous. We hope to be able to provide this safety for as long as we are able to do so, and your donations make all the difference to c4K's continued existence.

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