Carriers for Kos

Carriers for Kos

We are trying to ease the burden of carrying babies long distances for those in need in Kos. We are looking to ship baby carriers very soon.

We did it!

On 3rd Oct 2015 we successfully raised £780 of £550 target with 22 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target



Because of your generosity and concern, we've surpassed our target. What this means is that we can keep fundraising to be able to keep sending aid to where it's most needed.


Your donations will not only cover shipping, but can also be put towards more practical costs like printing and laminationg all the requisite instructions to go with the hundreds of carriers, warehouse space and even help fund the journies of the volunteers wo are going to help distribute and advise on safe usage. The bigger this project becomes, the more we can realistically do to help refugees arriving or stuck in other places, particularly places where winter is fast approaching and the need for warm clothes and sleeping bags and blakets is high.


The more people this reaches, the more help we are able to send, and the more exposure these people in crisis will get. We can't solve everything, not by a long way - but we can do as much as humanly possible to make a difference.


Thank you xx



Project aim

We are trying to ease the burden of carrying babies long distances for those in need in Kos. We are looking to ship baby carriers very soon.

About the project

While the world has been shaken by the reality of the refugee situation, it can seem as though nothing can be done to help lessen suffering on such a tragic scale.


We are a group of people trying to organise a shipment of baby carriers to families who are arriving in Kos after taking unimaginable risks to leave their home countries. Tragically, many are not making it this far but the ones that have still have far to go before their journies are over, and they can be safe and hopefully well again.


To try and make their lives easier we want to ensure that as many babies as possible are able to be carried in a safe way, as well as older toddlers who are too exhausted to walk any further. We want to make boat crossings less dangerous for mothers and their children by enabling them to hold them more securely. Most of all our wish is that we can save lives, as so many have been lost already.


Our project expanded very quickly, and outstripped the funding we were able to put up ourselves, so this is an appeal to help us raise shipping costs, with a view to perhaps further our operation to include more necessary items like baby clothes, bottles and blankets. More and more people are arriving all the time, and there are so many generous and concerned people wanting to give aid in any way they can.


We aim to ship out on September 30th. Our hope is to raise enough by then to realistically look at sending more aid in future.


Thank you. The world can change for the better xx

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