Carnivore Conservation in Southern Namibia

by Clémence Uboldi in Lüderitz

Carnivore Conservation in Southern Namibia
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There is much we don't know about carnivore ecology in southern Namibia. Help us monitor them by funding the purchase of camera traps.

by Clémence Uboldi in Lüderitz

New stretch target

We need your help to monitor carnivores in South Namibia!

Beautiful South Namibia is considered a rare hotspot of floral and faunal diversity, and is home to some of the most charismatic carnivores species, such as cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas, many of which are threatened due to competition with humans, habitat degradation, hunting and road accidents.

Research and monitoring will be essential tools for the long-term conservation of southern Namibia’s carnivorous species. However, we are in dire need of help in purchasing camera traps to help us locate, monitor and track those elusive animals.

Who are we?

My name is Clémence Uboldi, I am a young biology graduate who will be conducting a three months placement with the Brown Hyena Research Project (BHRP) this winter. The BHRP is a non-profit organisation based in Luderitz, South Namibia.

Their mission is:

To conduct scientific research on the brown hyena and other carnivores in their natural environment to ensure the long-term conservation and survival of free-ranging brown hyenas and other carnivores, and to develop strategies for the conservation of brown hyenas and other carnivores and their habitats and all objects ancillary thereto.

The BHRP has studied the brown hyena, one of Namibia’s largest carnivores, for over a decade, conducting essential research into the ecology, biology and behaviour of those fascinating animals. While working in the beautiful Namibian desert, the BHRP also monitors and works with a variety of carnivores, from caracals to cheetahs and even honey badgers!

Why do we need your help, and where will the money go?

The Brown Hyena Research Project is currently cooperating with french conservationist Natacha Batault, who is conducting research on brown hyenas and other carnivores in the South. During my trip to Namibia, I will be working under Natacha to help collect data on carnivore behaviour and distribution.

Natacha’s work is critical, since the South of the country is a blank spot for many species, and more research is needed to produce reliable distribution maps for carnivores. Sadly, this year Natacha lost three of her six cameras when they were chewed on by a group of slightly overenthusiastic young hyenas (yes, it does happen - this BBC footage shows one of our local hyenas’ cubs making off with precious equipment! )

Losing those cameras has made it much more difficult to properly track and observe the animals. I am aiming to raise enough money to replace those camera traps, to allow Natacha and myself to conduct essential research into carnivore ecology this winter.

All the money we receive will go towards the purchase of new camera traps (Ltl Acorn 5210A camera traps, each costing £150 plus postage).  Any outstanding money may allow us to buy more camera traps, thus greatly extending the coverage and reach of our research. In addition, a part of the outstanding money will be donated to the BHRP, to keep funding essential research into Namibia’s charismatic carnivores and their conservation.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A « Thank You » message with your name on the project’s blog, and a digital photograph from our camera traps.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A « Thank You » message on the project’s blog as well as three digital photographs from our camera traps.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A « Thank You » message on the project’s blog and a printed A4 picture from our camera traps. You will also receive regular updates on the project.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

A « Thank You » message on the project’s blog and three printed A4 picture from our camera traps. You will also receive regular updates on the project.

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