Carna Conservation Cows

To buy a herd of working cows for an innovative rewilding project on the West Coast of Scotland.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 35 days

Rewilding is a fantastic way of regenerating our degraded uplands and restoring much of our lost wildlife. Unfortunately in some circumstances it can marginalise farmers, threaten to forget our rich heritage, and does little to contribute to our accelerating global food crisis.

Wilderculture offers a truly integral approach to large scale ecological restoration. 

By herding bunched and moving livestock in a way that mimics the grazing and trampling of our natural wild herbivores we hope to achieve results similar to that of reintroducing large predators. Our system will accelerate the ecosystem processes by providing animal impact and re-mineralising depleted soils while providing an opportunity for new seedlings to flourish. Long recovery periods and the use of many innovative techniques to improve soil microbiology will accelerate the succession of degraded moorland toward wood pasture or forest. 

Our pilot project is starting this year on the Isle of Carna in Loch Sunart and could significantly enhance our conservation efforts in the UK whilst providing healthy food, reviving local traditions and including farmers in the rewilding conversation. 

We need a small herd of hardy, hairy, well trained cows to form the starter conservation herd. These girls will also be a breeding herd for our future 'teams.' We've found the perfect cattle (see above) but need some help to make the purchase and build the basic infrastructure required to handle them.

See full details of our approach on we're a small team of passionate volunteers operating through a community interest company hoping to make a difference in the world.

We would be so grateful for your support. Thanks Caroline 

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