Carlton Reeve - Independent for Sheffield Hallam

No more broken promises - let's put people before party politics. Help Carlton Reeve challenge Nick Clegg to be MP for Sheffield Hallam

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No more broken promises - let's put the people of Sheffield Hallam before party politics.

Help independent candidate Carlton Reeve challenge Nick Clegg to become the next MP for Sheffield Hallam.

"This government epitomises broken promises and decisions blinded by ideology. Time and again, the Coalition has ignored the evidence of growing inequality to pursue their own party agendas. It’s cost local services in Sheffield £250m, 6,000 local families have been hit by the bedroom tax, our 48,000 students will be burdened with a lifetime of debt. Even the world class manufacturer Forgemasters had a game-changing loan cancelled out of political spite.

"I think that’s wrong.

"I believe that our government should act in our interests.

"That’s why I’m standing as an independent candidate for Sheffield Hallam in the 2015 general election.

"I live in Sheffield, in the constituency, with my wife and children. Our kids go to the local schools. Our NHS doctor’s surgery is just round the corner. This is our home; we care about it. I want to represent our neighbourhood and not some political party from Westminster.

"I'm not a career politician; I’m a husband and a dad, I run my own small business and I’m a university lecturer.

"I don’t believe my opinion should be the basis for policy. I think we should look at the evidence and draw on the expertise of professionals and stakeholders before making decisions that affect us all. In the last few months I’ve been speaking to many of these experts here in Sheffield and I will work with anyone who shares these principles, irrespective of what political party they’re from because I believe that together we can do things differently.

"I think we deserve better than party politics – will you help me change it?"


Please note - I can only accept donations of more than £50 from individuals registered on the UK electoral register (including overseas electors), and UK-registered companies and organisations.  

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