Caring for refugees

by ahsan.abbas in London

We did it
On 21st December 2015 we successfully raised £163 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Winter is beginning to set in and the aim of this project is to raise as much as possible to provide emergency assistance to the refugees

by ahsan.abbas in London

Project aim

Winter is beginning to set in and the aim of this project is to raise as much as possible to provide emergency assistance to the refugees. 100% of all the funds raised will go to Faiths Forum London (minus the cost of Crowdfunder Fees- sorry!)

About the project

Having witnessed unspeakable horrors, battled oppression and tyranny, children are now terrified, homeless, and in need of you. London's faith communities have sent countless volunteers to both the countries the refugees have fled from, and those they flee to, providing support, financial aid and emotional consolation. This crowd funder gives you the opportunity to help; 100% of the proceeds received will go directly to the efforts made to give these people better lives. What better way to help another make happier memories, than through taking home, or indeed learning how to make, some of your own?

For your own information, and to highlight the gravity of this crisis, please ponder on the facts below:

  • So far in 2015 more than 350,000 desperate people have made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In Italy, 7,600 children have arrived alone since January, without any parents or families at all.
  • For those who do survive the treacherous journey, the terrifying ordeal is not over.
  • Children often arrive in Europe scared and exhausted.
  • Many have seen and experienced untold horrors during their journey.
  • The physical impact of travelling is also clear.
  • The children our teams have met have had severe sunburns and blisters from their journey.
  • Many have lost their toenails from the huge distances they had walked.


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Picture Credit: Credit: Nikolay Doychinova/ AFP


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Thank you for your donation and helping a refugee in need.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

Enjoy a complimentary photography coaching call where you can get on how to improve your photography while supporting a child refugee.

£38 or more

£38 Reward

For just £38, get an insight into photography with the Photography Home Study Course, while also helping a refugee find a better life.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

£50 will give you the Photography Home Study Course, complemented with the guidance of a live webinar session with myself- all again with the satisfaction of helping a child in need

£75 or more

£75 Reward

Get 10 professional headshots taken which you can use for professional use while supporting a refugee in need.

£150 or more

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£150 Reward

Take home 10 priceless memories of yourself and your family for just £150. Your pictures are both a time stamp of your family's life, and a testimony to your help given to other families in need.

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£200 Reward

Enjoy a Photography Live Workshop in central London, with 3 hours, tailored to your needs, for just £200. Remember - while gaining an insight into your passion, a refugee is being helped with your donations.

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

For the more advanced and serious of you, a 5 hour workshop, tailored for you in my Photography Masterclass Workshop waits for you in central London. £300 will see you both advance your own skills, and give a refugee a chance at a better life.

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