Caring for Carers and the people they support

by Danni Perry in Braintree, England, United Kingdom

Caring for Carers and the people they support


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Supporting unpaid carers with a respite sitting service to allow the carer to have a well-earned break from their caring responsibilities.

by Danni Perry in Braintree, England, United Kingdom

Crossroads has been delivering respite siting service for over 40 years, we are experienced in the needs and the support for carers.  The time carers reach us they are at crisis point, they feel they shouldn't reach out for help because they feel so guilty that they are admitting they can't cope looking after their loved one, they end up feeling depressed, suffer from anxiety, stress and struggle with their mental health, because they can't get out and about and have lost contact with friends because of their caring role, they are shut away from society and the community, they are extremely lonely and feel lost.  When they finally speak to us we can hear the desperation in their voice, they are extremely upset and often sound tearful on the phone, once we show them that there is help and support, we are listening to them, they instantly feel relieved because the process has started and they are not alone.  We work with the client, asking them what they want, either they go out about visiting friends, going out for lunch, shopping, attending doctors/hospital appointments for 1602238711_img-20200924-wa0001.jpgthemselves or going to groups, classes or activities. We can always take the 'cared-for' out maybe for lunch or a garden centre so they can have a little freedom and companionship. In our experience we have found that continuity is effective so we will have the same Support Worker, on the same day and time that will offer the service, because everyone knows where they stand and the 'cared-for' get used to that person and doesn't feel unsettled and restless which can be upsetting for them, they actually form a bond and a friendship with the Support Worker, looking forward to seeing them. At the Day Centre we have a carers group where the carers can meet up for a tea and chat, discussing their caring experiences, helping each other with advice and knowledge, it is a great way of feeling part of the community and with people that understands you, so you don't feel excluded and different to other people, they feel they fit in somewhere in society.

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