Relocating for my dream job in social work

by Ben Westwood in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Relocating for my dream job in social work


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I'm trying to raise 1.5k to help efficiently locate to the south west for a role in full-time employment working with young people in care.

by Ben Westwood in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I'll also hopefully be blogging about my journey not only on my websites but on a Facebook page

You can also read more about my story by clicking here.

You can also read some samples from Poems From a Runaway by clicking here.

I'm trying to raise around £1.5k profit from book sales and services in this crowdfunder to help relocate to the south west for my new job working with young people in care. Can you help me spread the word and make it happen?

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If you've not read my book 'Poems From a Runaway' then now is the perfect time to grab a special signed copy..

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A quick breakdown of who I am for those that don't already know.

I grew up in Staffordshire (West Midlands) and from the age of 10 started running away from home before going into care. My time between the ages of 11-16 were spent mainly yo-yo'ing between foster care/ children's homes and living on the streets of London.

From the age of 16 I was one of the many young people out on there own in life, and for most-part of it with no sense of support or guidance. 

Three years ago, despite a run of bad luck in nightmare house shares and experiencing some problems with my mental health, I decided to write my childhood memoirs into a story-line collection of sixty poems which I self published as a 350-page book called 'Poems From a Runaway'.

I knew it was going to be a good book, but marketing it to publishers didn't bring much success as nearly all were put off by the fact it was poetry, even though I'd stressed it really was more than just a poetry book, but that it was a story with many deeper messages to help both social workers and the general public to have a greater understanding of children, young people in care, runaways and those living homeless on the streets.

But nothing was going to stop me getting this book out, so I set about sending out press releases to  thousands of organisations and got on twitter to tell people about my book. Through crowdfunding I raised enough to get a few printed to promote it which has had some really positive response from social workers, foster parents and fellow care-leavers.

I linked up with the charity Missing People  and shared some of my story for a blog post with them before being invited to share more alongside Missing Children Europe and MEP's at European Parliament in Brussels.

I then went on to talk at various social work and safeguarding events as well as sharing my experiences and opinions on social work panels as well as several radio interviews. 

I've done quite a bit of promoting of my book for a one-man-band that refuses to let his book remain unseen. But as it's not in bookshops as yet and not being stocked or advertised anywhere sales are very low as is often the case (I presume) in these sorts of self-published ventures.

The road ahead and a chance to be privileged in working in one of my dream roles.

Recently I was approached by a social worker that had read my book and offered the opportunity for an interview for a role working with young people in the care system.
I've now been offered the job and feel absolutely privileged to be able to 'pass on the baton' and inspire and support young people in care as other social workers have done for me whilst growing up.

More so, I am also looking forward to the young people that I'll be working with helping me to become an efficient, practical and supportive social worker. 

I've already been doing my best to represent young people in care via my book, Facebook and Twitter, but working directly with today's young people in the care system will help take my understanding and empathy to a whole new level.

And in a more personal sense this will give me the opportunity to really help me grow further. 

As well as sharing my passion for music, writing, creative arts and the odd 'kick about' I think some of the young people I'll be working with will respect my understanding of not being worlds apart.

What I need the money for exactly.

In a nutshell, everything I need to move from the west midlands to down in the south-west including help towards my deposit and rent in advance.
From experience of room viewing in the past I'm going to factor in travel/accommodation and other expenses which may easily be overlooked such as if viewings don't work out, get cancelled or re-arranged last minute etc (and all the rest!)

It's easy to give a figure for specifics but sometimes things don't always work out so I'm trying to raise enough so that nothing gets in the way.

Getting as close to my target as possible (1.5k profit) would make my transition a lot easier and ease some pressure to get everything done efficiently with no let-downs. So a big thanks to anyone that supports me by purchasing a book, any of the rewards/sponsorships or even donating to this crowdfunding campaign.

The plan

Anyone that orders or donates, make sure to drop me your twitter handle after putting into the crowdfunder (unless you'd prefer to be anonymous) and I'll give you a thank you to my followers :)

It's a big world out I'm thinking as not everyone's heard of Poems From a Runaway yet that I could do my best to try to sell 100 personally-signed copies in a few weeks via this crowdfunder and get some more of the limited-edition hardbacks out there which are currently extremely rare with less than 15 of them out into the world currently. 

I'll also make some more available also on the off-chance I do sell those amounts. (Dreeeeeeeamer!)

This would indeed set me well on my way to getting this done without some of the anxieties involved in waiting to hear from other funding/favours that I'm unsure I'd even get, so a massive thank you to anyone that shares out this crowdfunder and encourages anyone to get a special signed copy of my book.

Signed paperbacks - £20

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(Page count paperback - 350)

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There's also a chance here to get them at discounted rates to give away or sell, either way I don't mind.

Please note that to keep costs down all bulk orders will be sent straight from the printers, so I won't be able to sign them unfortunately,  but get in touch if you'd like me to sign some or maybe read my poems/share my story.

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What else am I currently doing?

I've also launched an international poetry competition for children in care and care leavers which ends in September and has been networked out to a lot of people with more work on promotion still to come.

I've also released the first eBook of a reality-based fiction poetry series I'm working on called 'This Is Leatheton'. (The first eBook is titled 'Welcome to Leatheton) It's only £1.99 to pre-order/download and is released on Amazon July 1st.


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For £4 you'll get one entry into the hardback raffle and for every 15 tickets sold I'll select a winner for a signed hardback copy of Poems From a Runaway. A great way to support my project if you've not much money spare but still want to support. Get as many tickets as you like and you may win more than once!

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Let's make 'Relocating for my dream job in social work' happen

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