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by Charlotte Purvis in Sunningdale, England, United Kingdom

Careers in Fitness Ltd
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To further develop the Fintech business Careers in Fitness Ltd and commence the builds of white labels for Medicine and Engineering

by Charlotte Purvis in Sunningdale, England, United Kingdom

I am  currently the sole shareholder of a Fin-tech company which  I designed and built from my 25 years knowledge and experience within the health, fitness and active leisure industry.   The company is ready for white labels throughout the fitness industry and  for multiple industries and I have outlined the first white label in Engineering and the second for  Medicine  

   The intellectual property has been secured by myself with my IP lawyers Agile IP within the United Kingdom, Europe the United States of America and Canada.  The security on the platform is with advanced security protection as it’s an educational tool and we cannot leak papers or information regarding students. I personally look after that security personally with extensive security around the platform.  Careers in Fitness Ltd is readily available around the world the formal qualifications on the platform are uk, European and United States recognised. The packages such as Self Defence programmes using training methods to assist with knife and gun crime which as you will be aware is a rising  issue in today’s society. Some  programmes covers territories and have an owner in each territory with up to 25 instructors within each territory.  We can duplicate this across the uk with 220 or so territories and across the world in certain countries. This is a very large revenue stream singularly. It is a white label option. 

The platform also has a clear career pathway for learners with our formal qualifications and our programmes such as Nirvana Mind and Body,  World Jumping along with a section for high end products for sale such as gym chain equipment and  the Miha bodytec ems training system.  A medically related Fitness product is due to go on for sale on the platform from the USA it is just going through medical licensing in the USA.

With Careers in Fitness becoming a parent company this  model you will see  can be easily duplicated for many industries and that is my plan with the correct investment,  infrastructure going forward and plan in place. 

A little more information about the platform:

The careers in fitness global  product has been designed and built by Charlotte Purvis the platform and app is designed as an educational app and a regulatory and standardisation tool. 

The tool is delivery from start to finish of education an interactive platform for learning on the go with some blended learning.

The platform and app also offers a product sales section.

We have a recruitment section.

A products section

Continued professional development section with a club

We also  have the option for franchising this platform globally

Some business opportunities within the platform-itself are to be white labelled. 

The platform is also be white labelled for other industries 

The platform has live learning and acts as an examining board built  into the back end . I have been talking with the exam boards about directly placing the formal qualifications  into my platform. We have many links making it an Amazon for the Health Fitness and Active Leisure Industry  

Careers in Fitness Global are a leading provider of education and training provider partner for many governing bodies, such as Swimming Teachers Association, Reps, The Chartered Institute for the management of Sport and Physical Activity.  

Careers in Fitness is a leading provider of  education and a training provider in the field of sport, fitness, health and active leisure, offering over 64 qualifications and courses for individuals pursuing a career in health, fitness and active leisure. Qualifications on offer range from entry level courses, aimed at those who are just starting their fitness careers, up to more advanced specialist qualifications for experienced trainers.

The wide range of qualifications offered by Careers in Fitness Global provides fitness professionals with the option to select courses tailored to a particular career pathway, supplying them with the knowledge and skills to successfully obtain work in a variety of fitness settings;

Personal Training and business qualifications enable our learners to successfully operate in gyms, or to set up their own personal training business. We are also being asked to become the uk ambassador for many great products and  programmes being moved into the uk such as EMS Training systems Miha  bodytec and Nirvana mind and body. 


Our diverse range of exercise class qualifications provide learners with the option of pursuing a career as a group-exercise instructor. We provide all the pre requisite courses to maintain safe and effective exercise. Client retention and business skills to aid in increasing revenue streams into  gym chains. 


We offer courses for those fitness professionals who like to take a more holistic approach to health and fitness, such as the Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Mat-work and the Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga.


Specialist qualifications, such as the Level 3 Diploma in GP Exercise referral, give our learners the opportunity to pursue a more medically-related fitness career, working towards enhancing health.


We also offer courses moulded for individuals who want to work in a sport and performance setting, offering courses in sports nutrition, agility, plyometrics and more.


In addition, we work in association with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to provide the highly regarded and internationally recognised NASM qualifications. These qualifications enable trainers to progress and specialise in areas such as ‘corrective exercise’ or ‘performance enhancement’.


Qualifications available are detailed below


Level 2

Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym (QCF)

Certificate in Fitness Instructing ETM (QCF)

Certificate in Instructing Pre-designed Exercise Sessions (QCF)

Award in Instructing Studio Cycling (QCF)

Award in Instructing Circuit Training (QCF)

Award in Instructing Kettlebells (QCF)

Award in Instructing Suspended Movement Training (QCF)

Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (QCF)


Level 3

Active IQ Diploma  in Gym and personal training 

Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)

Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork (QCF)

Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity (QCF)

Diploma in Exercise Referral (QCF)

Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF)

Award in Conversion of Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer (QCF)

Award in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes (QCF)

Award in Education and Training (QCF)

Award in Assessing Vocationally-Related Achievement (QCF)

Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (QCF)


Level 4

Certificate in Exercise and Nutritional interventions for Obesity and Diabetes (QCF)

Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (QCF)



Introduction to Personal Fitness Training

Certified Personal Trainer Course

Certified Personal Trainer Bridging course



The Ultimate Business Launch

Plyometric Training

Youth Conditioning

Hypertension and Exercise

Tri-Planar Kettlebells

Suspension Training


Fuelling Exercise for Physical Activity


Medicine Ball

Obesity Myths

Meditation Personal Trainers

Nirvana mind and body and many more fitness products. 

Emergency Lockdowns and Evacuations

Anti Knife Crime

Child Abduction Prevention 

Swimming Teachers Association over 10 or more courses available 

Please take a look at  our course selection by using the links below to access our website or download our App.

A little about me, I currently own and manage  Careers in Fitness Global ltd    I Personally sat on the technical expert group board and advised on a technical level within the  health, fitness and active leisure for the uk and Europe  both advising the industry whilst writing and implementing  standards and assisting in regulating  the industry. I am very keen to start further platform and  app builds. 

I have extensive knowledge within my  field of expertise. I am an astute business woman and my  interests lie in health, fitness and active leisure along with further  interests in building multiple apps for multiple industries.

We work with many governing bodies such as Swimming Teachers Association, Karate, Boxing. 

CIMSPA is the single chartered professional body for the Sport, Fitness and  Leisure and physical activity sector. Charlotte owns and manages Careers in Fitness Global A leading health and fitness and active leisure education provider with over 64 qualifications on their digital platform that is able to provide flexible ‘on-the-go’ learning. Courses can be undertaken on your phone, I-pad or desktop allowing learning to be achieved from home, work or whilst out and about in the park, shopping mall or wherever life takes you. New training concepts can be accessed instantly on your phone between clients via interactive forums. 

To see a build of a platform for engineering with the correct team in place would be a  very exciting project for me. 

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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