Cardiff Deaf Centre Refurbishment/Development Programme

Refurbishment of historic community building (circa 1900s) for the Deaf Community of Cardiff and beyond

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £850 with 39 supporters in 45 days

00d0e24c825a1700177e72b5030cdf60.jpgCardif Deaf Centre is based in an old building built in the 1900s, it was previously managed by the local council and over years fell in to disrepair. To date the trustees embarked on a refurbishment program to breathe new life in to the building. We are looking for innovative aproaches that will ensure sustainability of the building for future generations. The programme includes energy saving works and once completed this will provide a visual example to support education for the Deaf community with regards to energy efficiency and how the solar panels can save money and improve the green credentials of the building.As well as demonstrate to the community that CDC is developing and innovating after a period of decline.

New community groups begining to use the centre, such as a play group and support group for famillies of Deaf children,Hard Of Hearing (HOH), drives the urgency for refurbishment even more .With statistics stating 95% of Deaf children are born to hearing parents,this group is a positive integration of the Deaf community and hearing community and is essential to supporting the language development, cultural ownership and feeling of belonging for the Deaf children within the group.

As society ages and more people are beginning to experience hearing loss, Cardiff Deaf Centre and its services has a strong role to play to ensure the people of Cardiff are healthy, are able to achieve their full potential, are able to enjoy an inclusive society that is fair, just, safe, in a Cardiff that is thriving , prosperous, clean, attractive and a great place to live, work & play in. 

All/any savings realised through the solar installation will ploughed back in to the charity enabling us to support user groups further by maintaining will low cost rental hire, and low running costs that may help to support other service provision. 

As the 'home' of social interaction for the Deaf Community, we forsee the new and improved centre becoming the 'HUB' for services & support for the Deaf Community in Cardiff and the surronding areas.    

We foresee greater footfall as the Deaf community learn about the changes to the building. We also anticiapte that the installation willl generate a valid interest in green energy and its benefits. By installing a solar conversion on such a community building , this will enable awareness and education with regards to green energy, to take place through the first or natural language, of the Deaf community i.e British Sign Language (BSL).

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