Car valeting and detailing

Car valeting and detailing

Raising funds to start up a mobile valeting & detailing business

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

i am looking to raise funds to start up my own mobile valeting and detailing business, I need £10,000 to get my business up and running which will include the van, insurances, equipment, chemicals and advertising. I have designed my logo, reasearched my market, gathered quotes and started my business plan.

There are 35 million cars in the U.K. and although I won't be able to cover all of these nationally, it shows there is a need for car valeting and there's room for expansion and growth.

I want to be fully mobile to enable me to go to private customers work places, homes etc without needing to use their electric or water through the use of a baffled water tank and a generator. I have worked out all costs and I can start up for £10,000. This amount will enable me to buy all I need and to get started straight away. I will also be arranging meetings with trade customers.

I want to start doing mobile valeting and detailing as I have a passion for cars, if you're going to make a career it should be something you love and will put your all into.

i will be offering discounts and special deals for my early supporters who are willing to put their belief in me to get this going.