Car sales business

by The Wright motor in Trewern, Wales, United Kingdom

Car sales business


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I would like to open a car sales showroom offering used quality cars at reasonable prices including finance.

by The Wright motor in Trewern, Wales, United Kingdom

Hello,  thank you for taking your time out to read this. I'm looking to raise capital to start up my car sales company offering quality cars at reasonable prices. I have wanted to start this business for such a long time but have been completely unable due to lack of funds. I have been obsessed with cars and sales for such along time and have wanted to combine to two interests and build a business that not only is successful but is something that comes completely natural due to it being a passion of mine. I'm constantly approached by people to help find them cars as they have been ripped off by some dishonest salesman. I want to change this, i want to offer a complete and honest service and allow people to feel comfortable and confident that we will deal with them with respect and making us so approachable that through this we will create repeat business and trust. I would like our company to be known for our trustworthiness, and that if we don't have it in stock we can find what you want, with customer satisfaction being absolute key and incredibly important.

My end goal would be to create a business that is not only known for being an honest company but i also want to create jobs for people who maybe struggle in life to find work due to ill health.... My main focus would be on Mental health sufferers, this is something that is very close to my heart as i myself have suffered over the years.. i want to build a business that provide jobs to people in the local area that are struggling to find work because of their condition... Suffering with mental health is something that is very difficult and especially in a work environment, although the world is a little more accepting of mental health i still feel that some sufferers are lacking the support they need to be successful. If we can as a company help even one person who is suffering...that would be so rewarding... I also have 3 young children who i want to give a good start in life and show them that through helping ourselves we can also help others... I have never done anything like this before but i felt if i didn't try i would never know.

Thank you again for reading this!

Take care Anthony

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