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Theatre isn’t dead, we are evolving and we need your help to do it.

by Car Crash Productions in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money means our Outreach Programmes, Pending Programme and shows are able to engage more artists struggling to get a leg up in the industry.  Every penny goes back to artist and project development.

Theatre isn’t dead, we are evolving and we need you help to do it!


Following the shutdown of theatres earlier this year and the devastating cancelation of the Edinburgh Festivals, most of our 2020 scheduled productions and projects have not been able to go ahead as planned.  Although many other companies, theatres and shows have suffered the same fate we have strived to continue to entertain, educate and keep creatives creative.  

Car Crash prides itself in being a company for and of the 21st century, embracing millennial topics, the next generation of theatre creatives and putting that at the forefront of our work.  This includes using social media and participatory media in shows as a key aspect of how we work.  We have continued to evolve over the last few months creating daily content across our social media platforms, with an engagement weekly of over 1000 people.


Although the Government has now pledged 1.5 billion to support Arts organisations, many smaller organisation like ourselves have remained unsupported.  Many small companies like us are under threat of extinction without some support.

We are asking you to donate the cost of a coffee, or a ticket to one of our shows (which is about 2 or 3 coffee’s) to help us keep creating work and engaging with the wider theatre community.


Since Lockdown came into force in March we have engaged over 200 creatives, from across the world, in projects to keep them proactive and creating.  We won’t let a pandemic stop us creating, we feel it is vital to keep going.  

Although our planed shows and projects have been unable to go ahead, our creations throughout lockdown have included a daily Living Room Lives, performing live shows, Q&A’s and classes.  We’ve produced monthly music and poetry involving artists from around the world, A month of pride programming (with a month of Black History programming coming up) and a project to create a caring concert for Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

Our latest project is not quite Edinburgh Fringe, but it is Virtually Fringe.  For the whole month of August we have daily entertainment and workshops over our social media, including streams of some of our past fringe and Edinburgh shows.


We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the artists who have given up their time to help us make theatre, and we are committed to continuing to make and keep theatre alive in 2020 and beyond.


There are many theatre companies out there, and there are many that (like us) need your support.  However, our structure allows us develop many key areas that add to the bedrock of theatre:  These being Education, development and 'defying the norm’ (as the Edinburgh fringe would say).

In the last 5 years (a musical ironically we have never done) our Outreach productions have received acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe, with 3 sell out productions of American Idiot, as well as Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Spring Awakening.  Our Outreach programme provides vital educational and development opportunities for young people throughout Scotland, developing confidence, building resilience and building lasting connections.  The transformative experience for people starting out in life are vital to help them build core life skills.  This is something that is currently challenged with our ongoing finances. Outwith the fringe Outreach has encouraged community development engaging hundreds of people aged between 12 to 65, as well as the communities they are in,  challenging perceptions and using theatre as a means to do this.


Our Pending programme offers a platform for development and learning.  This is often the step up that performers need, and it is unfortunately an even harder step for 2020 graduates, those in training and early career artists to take.  Since Lockdown we have facilitated Live workshops from leading industry figures for the development of early career artists.  We intent to continue these opportunities, with workshops scheduled for our Virtually Fringe festival and new online series ‘Just The Tip’.

We are a big supporter of the representation and integration of 'minority groups' and international performers within our work.  Platforms like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcase the broad range of performers and creatives that there are across the world.  And we are certainly a child of that world.  We are proud of the ongoing work we do to make the theatre world a more inclusive one, reflected in our recent Pride programming and upcoming Black History Month programming.  For us this is a commitment, not a box ticking exercise.

We are artists that support artists.  At our core is the belief that theatre is community, and with it we are all richer.  We support emerging companies, collectives and artists to promote and structure their work, providing weekly advice to creatives trying to progress and develop.


To continue to support the 1000’s of people who have engaged with us in the last 5 years, we need your support.  Our determination to survive is fuelled by the support we continue to offer and the artists we engage with.


The Edinburgh Fringe makes up most of our years financial intake to support the projects we undertake throughout the year, so as a company we are currently sitting in a really challenging situation financially.  Our financial output towards projects throughout 2020 has not been matched by that coming in.

We, thus far, have received no public or private funding or sponsorships.  We did survive completely from tickets sales but currently we have nothing.


On average our fringe productions cost around £15,000, this is usually made back to create a small pot of money for our productions and projects throughout the year.  Although we have had the output for these productions, and have been lucky on the most part to postpone and carry shows over, we haven’t had the return on them.  This has left a deficit of thousands of pounds in lost ticket sales and reviews from shows. We are a not for profit company.  There is no producer sitting over us as a company looking for commercial gain.  As such money raised will be plowed back into the company ensuring our Outreach and Pending Programmes continue and secure the future of our planned 2020/2021 shows.

We have halted all spend as a company.  All our staff are currently giving up their time to work for the company without payment.  All the artists engaging with us are giving up their time for free.  These drastic changes have allowed us to stay afloat till this point, but this isn’t a sustainable way of working long term.

What do I get in return?

Other than our immense gratitude we have a reward system in place for all the wonderful patrons who choose to donate to us.  We have a number of ⭐rewards on offer ⭐ which are listed at the side.  They range from access to our Virtually Fringe to 1:1 specialist training and 2021 Show Passes.

And for those who have taken the time to read all the way this down.  Thank you, and it's suiting to leave you with our Outreach Team's words - 'We'll Meet Again':


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Access Pass

⭐ We'd be super grateful if you could donate this reward if you enjoy the entertainment that we provide throughout our "Virtually Fringe" Festival ⭐

£10 or more

Platinum Access Pass

⭐This reward gives you exclusive access into unseen workshops, live cabarets, coaching and tips from the CarCrash Team. An absolute must for all you budding artists looking to get the behind the scenes info into running a Theatre Company, or putting a show on at the Fringe Festival ⭐

£20 or more

Virtual Hall of Fame Supporter

⭐ As well as having a Platinum Pass, you'll be added to our website as a "Car Crash Hero"⭐

£35 or more

Car Crash Patron

⭐ All of the above, plus you'll be listed as a Patron at our 2021 Fringe Shows ⭐

£50 or more

1:1 Coaching with a Trained Artist

⭐All of the above, plus you'll receive a 1:1 Zoom training & coaching call on a subject of your choice ⭐

£100 or more


⭐ All of the above, plus an All Access Pass to every "Car Crash Productions" show at 2021 Edinburgh Fringe ⭐

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