Paul’s Polished and Perfect Cars

by Jennifer Chambers in Corby, England, United Kingdom

Paul’s Polished and Perfect Cars


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A mobile valeting business for the commercial, and local community. Convenient friendly quality service. All tailored to specific needs.

by Jennifer Chambers in Corby, England, United Kingdom

The money will be used for a van and equipment and also some extra smart repair training for luxury cars.

My name is Paul Mcallister and my fiancé is Jennifer Chambers. Together we would like to offer affordable car care with the service you expect and chose based on your own personal affordability. This will all be tailored to your own requirements and straight to your door.

I have worked in this industry for some time and realised there is a need for an honest affordable service that delivers quality cars. The passion and standards of the work have dropped significantly since I first worked in this industry. I have personally witnessed car valeters hide damages caused by use of incorrect materials. Car valeting wages are low and that leaves a less than enthusiastic attitude towards your car. This also includes what standard of waxes or polishes you may think you have but the cheaper product was used.

This service will offer anything from car washes to quick fix and smart repair. We will focus on the PCP market for those with bumps and scratches that need repairing before handing a car back ready for a new one and this helps then helps the customers financially on return. We also want to build up the local custom from door to door sales, social media and word of mouth. I would also like to target teenage boys age 17-21 with their first car and offer to teach and mentor them on car valeting and smart repair

I have a passion for cars and have a high standard of work. Together we are really looking forward to having the equipment ready to offer the service and get our Name and Brand out there. With my knowledge of the industry and Jennifer’s business experience we really feel we can change the outlook for all car valeters. Please help support us to get our name out there. 


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Class A: car wash, wax, and polish in and out

Luxury car care and maintenance inside and out using long lasting materials to keep it looking and smelling good for for longer. Wash, wax, polish, gardex and other touch ups required.

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Liverpool FC Diary/Notebook 2019

Liverpool FC beautifully wrapped notebook from this years premier league game against Tottenham at home

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